Super Birthday

Today is Ethan’s third birthday! I can hardly believe that he is that big!

This morning I was going to make some cinnamon rolls for him & put a candle in them, but discovered that I never had any cinnamon rolls in our fridge. Hmmm…wonder why I thought I had those? I decided instead to put his candle in his bagel with peanut butter. Heck, he’s three! He could care less what I am putting the candle in because the candle is the most exciting part!

I brought his bagel down to him and he looked so precious in his Superman pj’s (complete with cape), waiting very impatiently for breakfast to be served. I took a picture of him as he attempted to blow out the candle from six feet away. You can tell we have scared the crap out of him about fire- ha!

It is moments like these where I don’t want him to get big. I know he is never going to be this little again and we will never celebrate another third birthday with him. Each year he will get bigger & older….it is all so depressing. Why must our children grow up and need you less and less?

Please allow me to weep a little bit- I think my pregnancy hormones are making me a bit more sappy than usual….

Happy Birthday, precious boy!

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