Spring 2015 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project

Spring 2015 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project from MomAdvice.com

Spring is knocking on our door in Indiana, I just know it, and today I’m sharing my 2015 Spring Fashion Capsule Wardrobe with you. I pushed this capsule out a few weeks after having a false start with my Winter wardrobe and then feeling that March would be better timing with a Spring wardrobe switch. I wore the last capsule almost four months and I was still finding new ways to wear things, even up until the final week. It is amazing what you can do when you are forced to really think about how to make the most of the items in your closet.

 I am really excited to share this new capsule wardrobe with you and am really proud that 90% of this wardrobe was purchased secondhand through Twice & Thredup. The rest of the items were smart investment piece purchases from our site sponsor Flourish Boutique and a t-shirt update from Old NavyMy big investment with this capsule was having a few pieces altered to fit me better. Jeans were shortened, waistlines were taken in, hems raised, and shoulders were adjusted on items that needed it.  I am really thrilled with how these items fit me and I know it will add to my happiness and longevity of the pieces I selected.

Spring 2015 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project from MomAdvice.com

What is a Fashion Capsule & Why Should You Do One?

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of clothing which is designed using only interchangeable items, in order to maximize the number of outfits which can be created. The aim is to have an outfit suitable for any occasion without owning excessive items of clothing. This is usually achieved by buying what are considered to be “key” or “staple” items in coordinating colours.

The reason I think capsule wardrobes are worth exploring is that you realize when you have LESS in your closet you can do MORE with what you have. My closet used to be bursting at the seams with clothes and, what I like to call, one-trick-pony apparel. I felt put together after tearing up my room and trying to build outfits in the process, but it took me so long to get ready in the mornings and I never felt like I had a truly seamless style. Narrowing my wardrobe down to 33 items as outlined in Project 333 was just what I needed to make mornings less stressful and finding a real rhythm to getting dressed for the day. It’s been a beautiful shift in my life and I don’t think I could ever go back to the old ways of bursting closets and pointless purchases.

I tend to be a pretty colorful person so you will find color mixed in with basics in my wardrobe. Monochromatic isn’t my thing, but can be yours if you are trying to simplify your wardrobe. Many people begin their capsule experience very monochromatic and then find they are comfortable branching out into color after figuring out how to make everything work together.

Why My Capsule Shouldn’t Be YOUR Capsule

I show you my capsule mainly as some sort of accountability, but not necessarily for you to copy it. My style is probably not your style and that is okay. Your capsule can look nothing like my capsule.  Your body shape could be different from mine and none of these cuts of clothing or ideas will work for you.  When creating your capsule, create it around what you feel most confident in. I suggest peeking in your closet and selecting what makes you feel beautiful and start your planning around those pieces. That’s been the best place to start for me.

Why This Capsule Will Be a Challenge

Weather changes are always a challenge in the Midwest. Today the high is 41 degrees which feels like summer after the negative temperatures, but I know the weather is just going to get warmer. I have weaved in sweaters in preparation and items that will transition well between the seasons. I will be attending my first conference in my capsule wardrobe and….we are going to ITALY in May, all in this wardrobe.  It is a lot to think about, but I love that Project 333 allows me switch out an item each month so as the months progress I picture some of these trousers turning into shorts and sweaters into tank tops. I’m hoping I am prepared for all of this with these pieces.

Spring 2015 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project from MomAdvice.com

I am planning to show you how I am wearing these items on here as well as through my Instagram account so you can see how I am putting my outfits together with these pieces. Here is an example of what I will be doing in IG each week. I’m no stylist though, this is just how I am dressing throughout the week with my edited closet! I was modeling them, but THE STRESS.  I just don’t have time to do that, but I am happy to piece together a template on my floor for you! Ha!

Do You Count Accessories As Your 33 Items?

One question I get asked is if I count accessories and shoes as my items. I do not, but feel free to do that if you like. For me a scarf, belt, or great jewelry really do add to the enjoyment and experience of my wardrobe. I am, however, more selective about the accessories I am choosing and really making sure that they are worth the space in my drawers and the money that is spent.

Spring 2015 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project from MomAdvice.com

This project was inspired by Project 333 & the Unfancy fashion capsule challenge, but I am making a few of my own rules for my own personal challenge.

33 Piece Wardrobe- The wardrobe can have 33 pieces  in it. This wardrobe does not include pajamas, workout gear, undergarments, or camisoles (something that is a necessity for me).  The capsule is made from items I already own, some purchased to be workhorses in my wardrobe (since I fail in this department greatly), and purchased second hand at Goodwill or through Twice. All of the items I am not wearing and still love are being tucked in storage for the next fashion capsule.  I have created a Fashion Capsule Pinterest Board to help inspire me with the pieces I am using.

Choose 3 More for Rotating- You may choose three additional items and put them aside in your closet. You may rotate these items in during the next three months, but three other items have to be rotated out. Consider donating those items.

No Shoe Shopping- I am not including my shoes for this challenge, but I am challenging myself to not buy any more shoes and use what I already have.

One Steal Per Month- Things and events come up and I am allowing myself one steal per month from items that I already own. I may find I don’t need this, but I think it might help with the shopping bug.

No Shopping For Clothing- I will wear the clothes I have selected and not shop for three months and only shop two weeks prior to the next capsule for items for the next season if needed. This is going to require a lot of discipline for me and I am planning to unsubscribe to shopping newsletters and avoid the shops as much as possible.

This month’s Project 333 Wardrobe is listed below. The ones with an asterisk are carrying over from my last capsule. To me, these are the best pieces to buy since they are making a reappearance!

Spring 2015 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project from MomAdvice.com

1. Kelly Green Cardigan (Gap)- Purchased secondhand from Twice

* 2. Not Afraid of the Dark Denim Jacket (Flourish Boutique)

* 3. Utility Vest With Faux Leather Details  (Groopdealz)

4. Navy & White Striped Blazer (J. Crew)-  Purchased secondhand from Twice

Spring 2015 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project from MomAdvice.com


*5. Old Navy Vintage V-Neck T-Shirt in Gray- (Old Navy)

*6. Old Navy Vintage V-Neck T-Shirt in White- (Old Navy)

7. Old Navy Vintage V-Neck T-Shirt in Dark Gray- (Old Navy)

8. Polka-Dotted Sleeveless Silk Blouse (J. Crew)-  Purchased secondhand from Twice

9. Striped Navy & Cream T-shirt (J. Crew)- Purchased secondhand from Thredup

Spring 2015 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project from MomAdvice.com

* 10.  Scarlet Swing Skirt (Anthropologie)

11. Palm Tree Skirt (Anthropologie)-  Purchased secondhand from Twice

* 12. Black A-Line Skirt (Gap)- Purchased secondhand from Twice

* 13. Black Pleated Maxi Skirt (Flourish Boutique)

Spring 2015 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project from MomAdvice.com

14. Black Shirt Dress (White House Black Market)- Purchased secondhand from Twice

15. Chambray Shirt Dress (Anthropologie)- Purchased secondhand from Twice

16. Navy Jersey Tunic (J. Crew)- Purchased secondhand from Twice

17. Black & White Patterned Tunic (White House Black Market)- Purchased secondhand from Twice

18. Out of the Woods Floral TunicFlourish Boutique

Spring 2015 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project from MomAdvice.com

19. Denim Jean Shirt (Express)- Purchased secondhand from Thredup

20. Black & White Boat Neck Striped Shirt (Banana Republic)- Purchased secondhand from Twice

*21. Blue Striped Top (White House Black Market)- Purchased secondhand from Twice

22. Black & White Sweater (White House Black Market)- Purchased secondhand from Twice

23. Navy Open Knit Sweater (White House Black Market)- – Purchased secondhand from Twice

Spring 2015 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project from MomAdvice.com

24. White Long-Sleeve T-Shirt (Ann Taylor Loft)-  Purchased secondhand from Twice

* 25. Mossimo Short Sleeve Coral Shirt (Target)

26. Comfy in CrochetFlourish Boutique

27. Western Adventure TunicFlourish Boutique

Spring 2015 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project from MomAdvice.com

28. Black A-Line Dress (J. Crew)- Purchased secondhand from Thredup

29. Red Halter A-Line Dress (Banana Republic)- Purchased secondhand from Twice

30. Gray Striped Green Dress (Target)

Spring 2015 Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Project from MomAdvice.com

* 31. Matilda Jane Willow Tree Rider Pants (purchase from Amanda Petit, Matilda Jane Independent Trunk Keeper)

*32.  Dark Wash Skinny 7 Jeans-  Flourish Boutique

33. Black Skinny Pants (Ann Taylor Loft)

Coupons That Might Help If You Are Making a Capsule Too

Current Coupons for Old Navy (I am a big fan of their jeans and basic t-shirts)

Current Coupons for Target (their wardrobe is on the smart minimalist side this season- yay!)

Current Coupons for Gap (blazers, chambray shirts, collared shirts, jeans- oh my!)

Get $10 for your first Twice purchase (this is my favorite online consignment resource)

Use web code WEB25 for 25% off your purchase at Flourish Boutique (this is our site sponsor and where I get the majority of my clothing). You can also catch a sale daily on the Flourish Boutique Facebook Page)

Stitch Fix can be a fun resource for shopping for smart basic wardrobe pieces if a stylist might benefit you!

Don’t forget to clean out your closet! Here is a list of resources to help you make money while organizing this corner! Here are some tips for creating the perfect capsule wardrobe and feel free to browse my fall & winter capsule selections while you are gathering ideas for your own capsule! Follow me on IG for fresh outfit ideas each week! xo


*this post may contain affiliate links- I only recommend what I love though.


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