Small-Budget Crushes 01.29.20

small budget crushes

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click on the pictures to shop today’s picks!

clever fox budget plannerclever fox budget planner

bibliophile book puzzlebibliophile book puzzle

the words you speak printthe words you speak print (powerful!!)

library of congress card cataloglibrary of congress card catalog

rbg paint by numbersrbg paint by numbers set

textured button front coattextured button front coat

the good place stemless wine glassthe good place stemless wine glass (why does my favorite show have to end??)

happy sweaterhappy sweater

heart earringsheart earrings

felt purse organizerfelt purse organizer (comes in several colors)

illustrated state printillustrated state print (choose your own!)

three bulb bud vasethree bulb bud vase

catlationship mugcatlationship mug

unique cutlery organizerunique cutlery organizer

ya basic mug (one more cheer for the good place!)

golf equipment organizer


Keep on window shopping by visiting all of my Small-Budget Crushes. This post contains affiliate links!

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