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A big thank you again to Laura, from I’m An Organizing Junkie, for joining us today on MomAdvice Simplified. Laura had some really invaluable tips for cutting the clutter in our homes and ideas for making our lives more organized.

I completely forgot about the code word for the day for the podcast. I apologize about that- I am feeling a bit scattered today. If you email me at amy(at)momadvice(dot)com and tell me one frugal organizing solution that we recommended during the half hour, you will get an extra entry for the iPod Touch!

Here is the resource list from our show:

Menu Planning Mondays
– Join in on the menu-planning round-up each Monday on I’m An Organizing Junkie. Hundreds of people participate and it can help breathe some new life into your menu plans.

Organizing Polly Pockets– One question on the chat was how to organize Polly Pockets and all of their pieces. Laura has a great solution for this that you should definitely check out.

Organize Your Week– This article offers some general guidelines for simplifying your week and routines. By doing this, you will have some time to cut the clutter. I also share my idea for setting aside one day to tackle the one thing you hate.

Simplify the To-Do List– Simplify the to-dos in your life and you will have more time to get organized.

On the Show Next Week…

Does your closet overwhelm you? What key pieces do you need in your wardrobe to look good? My friend and local fashionista, Kathy Friend, is joining me to share her tips for simplifying our closets. With her guidance, we can simplify our closets easily and make a list of what to look for when doing our thrift shopping or wardrobe shopping. Join us next Thursday (02/12) at 2PM EST for some ideas on Simplifying Your Wardrobe.

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