It’s the 3 Little Things: Salt Soaks, I Like Giving, & Vinyl Collecting


Happy Friday, friends! It was such a crazy week that today really snuck up on me! I hope you guys are having a wonderful week this week and are looking forward to the holiday weekend!  Here are three things that are making me happy this week!


Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salts With Milk & Honey

I love taking baths in the evenings, but a lot of products for the bath can be drying and irritating to the skin. I found these Epsom Salts with Milk and Honey and I will probably never bathe in anything else again. The milk in the product makes a calming solution for the skin and it smells incredible. There are also some added benefits like Aloe Vera & Vitamin E too.

If I do a really hard workout at the gym, I usually come home and sink into these as a reward for myself. They are inexpensive and at just about every drugstore.  As you know, epsom salts alleviate a lot of muscle pains and aches plus they help get rid of toxins in your body. While epsom salts alone can feel a bit medicinal on their own, this blend with milk & honey makes soaking in these a real treat!


I Like Giving

I discovered this site last week and walked away from it completely inspired.  You can share your story of, “I Like…” and then fill in the blank with something you give to someone else. The site has a film series of ways that people give back to others and it is so incredibly inspiring that you wonder what you can do to live more generously in your life.

You need to go to the site to view these films directly, but I will share the URL’s to the 3 that I loved the most!


I Like Being 98- View it HERE


I Like Car- View it HERE


I Like Bugshells- View It HERE

It’s hard to narrow down though because the I Like iPad & I Like Adoption were so inspiring too! It’s a narnia of happiness in those videos of big givers. Tell me if that doesn’t make you happy and think about what you can do for someone else today?

Vinyl Collecting



I can’t tell you how happy a new-to-me record makes me.  Last month my husband took a day off work so we could have a day date and we spent the entire day in this amazing record store, Ignition Records,  in Goshen. If the owner asks if you want to see anything in the back, always say yes. It is there where I found my own little slice of happiness- Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, and Billie Holiday were all back there waiting for me for my record player.

The best part is that after you make your selections the owner is SO excited for you that you feel so proud about everything you picked out.  As we waited in line, he rubbed his hands together as the customer in front of us handed over her purchase. “What did you find today? Oh, this is so good! You are going to love it.”  The enthusiasm is contagious  from one vinyl-lover to another that you want to pick out more and say, “What about this? Do you love this one too?”



My husband’s favorite Elton John album Yellow Brick Road had been reissued in beautiful yellow vinyl and he used his birthday funds to buy it for himself. I have never seen him so darn happy. It is one of those things that makes vinyl so special. If you find me on Instagram, you will see a video of it and it will make you a believer that you need this one too. Yellow Brick Road was meant to be played on a record player.


That is my list of three today, but this is image is a pretty sweet fourth. We have some crafts to share with you for next week and I got this shot of my daughter and I plan to put it in a frame.  It captures the sweetness that I love so much- and those freckles and lashes that I adore!  Happy Easter, friends!

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