Potent Prayers

Thank you to all of my friends, family, & fellow internet buddies for all of your prayers about our potty-training situation. Blessings to you all because your prayers are most potent!

Now don’t get too excited because our Ethan is still not potty-trained…that would be some answered prayer, indeed! No, he has not graduated to the world of Bob the Builder underwear yet, but he did get moved out of that awful class that they were going to put him in this fall where he would have had to been able to use the potty.

We had Ethan’s meet & greet night at school and I have been dreading this for months. I had kept waiting & waiting for the magical phone call that would tell me that Ethan was not in the potty-trained class, but we never received it despite my request that Ethan be placed in the 2b class and not the 3-4 class.

Just in case you have missed my lovely blogs in the past, you will realize that I am either a) not approaching potty-training in the correct manner, b) my kid is not interested in potty-training, or c) we are just not ready for all of this and neither of us has the enthusiasm or time to devote towards making this a 24-7, 365 day hobby. With our amazing track record of peeing on the potty once, I did not see any light at the end of the potty-training tunnel and I realized that the school was either going to have to accept my diaper-clad kid or we were going to get to spend a lot of Ethan & mommy time together. Despite feeling a bit melancholy about Ethan returning to school, I am not so melancholy that I actually want him to miss out on school (puh-leez! Give me a break!)

We were told, once we got to his new classroom, that an opening had become available in the class that we had requested and they would be able to put Ethan where we really needed him to be. The best part was that it was for the days that we had already chosen so I didn’t even have to switch my days around to take advantage of the opening.

His class will still be new to him because he was out of school this summer (when he would have been in this class) so he will still have a new teacher, a new class, and teachers that will be working with him on the potty training too. What a blessing!

This was much cause for celebration so we celebrated by taking Ethan to Dairy Queen for an ice cream sundae, just like my parents did when we had our back to school night. What better place to celebrate returning to school than the big DQ & chocolate sundaes for all!

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