Play it Again, Momma!

It has been awhile since I have done a Play It Again, Momma post. This is just where I get the opportunity to highlight something you might have missed on my blog (particularly for our new readers).

This week, let’s take a look back at my Stop the Insanity post where I (insanely) address the question of WHY in the WORLD do we have to spend so much money on all these dang birthday parties.

We are revisiting this post as my son’s fourth birthday is quickly approaching. I asked him what he would like to do for his party this year and he said he wants to go to McDonald’s..And then I thanked him, and kissed his face, and told him he was the best little boy mommy could ever have, and then I sobbed uncontrollably. A trip to McDonald’s is a lot cheaper than a party and I don’t have to clean up after a bunch of toddlers have enjoyed their chocolate cake (a tad too much). Anyone is welcome to join us and let their kids play in the giant germ-infested play area, or they can just stay home and relax- it does not matter to me.

We will have a big birthday bash for Emily’s first birthday, but we are reserving the bashes now for those *special* celebrations rather than a party for every year they get a little older.

I can put the savings towards a special gift for our son…yes, the gift of a Happy Meal…Just kidding! I’m not that cheap….Or am I?

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