Planning My 2016 Fall Wardrobe Capsule


Yesterday I started the shopping process for my fall/winter capsule wardrobe. I love the creative process of putting these together and thought I would share with you how I put these together.  Although I always do the big reveal, I thought it might be fun to take you a little behind the scenes at my process.


Before I begin, I want to say this is FUN for me and not a chore AT ALL. I love having a beautifully curated closet and I enjoy the creativity in it. If you do not enjoy stuff like this, feel free to try something like a wardrobe uniform or do what you are already doing.

Please don’t criticize me if I love it.

I love a lot of stuff that you might not love, but getting dressed actually brings me a lot of joy.

I hope even if you don’t want to do it, you can at least appreciate the creativity behind it.


If you are looking for inspiration, my fingers are crossed we have similar taste and you will find this glimpse helps you too!

capsule-wardrobe- colors-for-fall

My Color Palette

The past couple of years my color scheme has leaned more into the red, white, & blue that feels very nautical and timeless to me. This year I wanted to warm things up so I am selecting a few pieces in wine, rose, mustard yellow, & navy. These colors are folded into my basic neutral scheme (gray, black, cream) for the year.

I love how these colors can be mixed and matched together.

I also love the pink hues since I love a more feminine touch to my wardrobe.

Here are a few pieces that I am eyeing in this scheme (Please Note- I am for waiting delivery on these so I can try them on. I will delete anything that doesn’t make the cut on this board and tell you why! These are affiliate links because they help support my site!)

Modern Henley Blouse

Modern Henley Blouse

Pintucked Blouse in Angel Wing Pink

Pintucked Blouse in Angel Wing Pink (trying this in a basic black too!)

Pintuck Swing Dress from Old Navy

Sleeveless Pintuck Swing Dress

(This will be layered under or over with cardigans or long sleeve t-shirts in contrasting colors when it cools down!

Don’t forget fun colored tights, scarves, & belts that will add even more fun to this one!)

Relaxed Jersey T-Shirt from Old Navy

Relaxed Brushed-Jersey T-Shirt 

(Using these in the grey & oatmeal for layering under my sleeveless dresses. Also can be worn with my jeans on quiet days at home!)


Mona Solid Sweater Wrap

(To wear over EVERYTHING- love the gray interior on this one. Feeling hopeful about this piece!)

Here are some pieces that I found on thredUP (continuing my commitment to buy mostly secondhand!) Here is $10 to spend if you haven’t discovered this amazing online consignment shop!

wardrobe-planner-12 wardrobe-planner-13 wardrobe-planner-14 wardrobe-planner-15

My thredUP Haul (fingers crossed everything fits!)

I Also Pick a Statement Piece or Smart Classic

I have learned that buying one or two really beautiful statement piece really adds to my enjoyment of my capsule wardrobe. I have also learned it is a really smart investment to spend money on things like jeans, a good blazer (mine is 6 years old!), and a well-made skirt.  I bought a beautiful a-line red skirt that I wear absolutely to death and it has held up better than anything else in my wardrobe over several capsule seasons.

That investment piece really paid off and has transitioned from season to season really well while other trendier and cheaper items have not held up or kept my attention as long.

This year I wanted to add a vest for layering. Again,  this one is out of my typical budget, but hopefully a very smart investment piece.

I also happened to catch a BEAUTIFUL sweater dress on sale on thredUP that happened to be in my established color scheme. I just couldn’t resist her print and consider that a statement piece (as well as a classic print!).

wardrobe planning wardrobe-planning

Mabli Vest (SWOON!!)


(thredup Anthro sweater dress find- YES!!)

Clean Out Your Closet

I’m Planning Another Closet Audit

Once I have everything in place, it’s time to count my pieces and whittle away anything I don’t need anymore. This process gets easier and easier each year, I promise you.  For ease, I usually just request a bag from thredUP and then send in items for store credit on my next capsule wardrobe. It’s fun to get items from them, wear them a season, sell them back, make money, repeat process, etc..

To me, it’s almost like those pricey wardrobe rental programs without the commitment or monthly fees.

Not only can you clean out your closet to make money, but you can also make money on your kid’s stuff and maternity items too! Simply order a bag with a prepaid shipping label to start your closet clean out. Their fashion resale professionals review your clothing and then pay up to 80% of the resale value. You can earn thredUP shopping credit, or simply cash out with PayPal.

Items that they don’t accept go to charitable partners or textile recycling companies. They can also be mailed back to you as part of their Return Assurance program for a $12.99 shipping fee. Be sure to check their quality standards before sending.

Get Professional Help if You Need It

I love fashion and feel like I have a strong sense of personal style, but it has taken me a few years to really feel confident in my choices. If you struggle with confidence, I recommend trying out a professional service or professional shopping service to help you.

I can’t rave enough about the Adore Your Wardrobe program (open for registration in September!!) for someone who wants to find their own sense of style. Not only do the video tutorials and printables help with your shopping, but you are connected to a FB community that can help give you feedback (and shopping discounts) as you put together your wardrobe. This program is like having a professional closet audit without judgement and that can be done in your own free time.

The other option is a shopping service like Stitch Fix. I have some referral credit sitting in an account so I am going to give that another shot, but because I have such a strong definition of what I like and don’t like in clothing, I tend to be very picky. That said, I know MANY people benefit greatly from the professional advice so this is a worthwhile experience to explore, at least once!


Once everything arrives I will post an IG Story for you and you can tell me yay or nay on my selections! Be sure to follow me on IG to get a sneak peek!

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Are you doing a capsule wardrobe? Tell me what has caught your eye this season!

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