Online Grocery Shopping Options

Amazon is now offering a Grocery section on their website. They currently are offering over ten thousand grocery items. These items are non-perishable and include a large selection of snacks, beverages, baking goods, and organic products. A $25 order will get you free shipping and their selection offers many items that are more difficult to find in a traditional grocery store (particularly in their organic foods department).

Peapod is another great option for purchasing your groceries online, but they don’t offer this in our town. We used this service when I worked in an office and it was a great way to get what you needed (particularly in an office environment) without having to run to the supermarket. They offer ten dollars off of your first order by entering the discount code CJA2 in the coupon code field. A minimum of $75 must be spent.

Another timesaver, would be to take advantage of the wholesale clubs online ordering. This is perfect for the harried mother who has no time to shop! With Sam’s Club, they offer the Click ‘n’ Pull. Place your order before five, they pull the items, you pick up the next day. This is great for comparison shopping (rather than standing in the lanes with your calculator & your screaming child) and saves you from running around the giant store. Other wholesale club stores may offer the same type of deal (they just aren’t in our town!)

I would be interested in knowing if anyone has ever purchased their orders online and what they have thought about their experience? Please let me know in our comments section- this would be valuable information for all of our readers!

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