Notebook Experiments: Idiot Margaritas

I will admit that my favorite thing to do is my notebook entries each week. I can rely on the creativity of others and it gives me lots of great ideas for things we can try for our own family.

I do try to do a lot of the ideas in the notebooks so I thought it would be fun to have a, “Notebook Experiments,” section, highlighting how these ideas have turned out for our family.

What should we start with? How about a little alcohol…I am so naughty, but I always appreciate a good toast to a new section so we shall start there!

Experiment: Are Idiot Margaritas Really Good?

Experiment Taken From: Notebook Entry 05.08.08

Materials Needed: Please see Jane’s Apron for specific directions on how to complete this experiment. I like a little something on the rim of the glasses though so I did get out a bowl of water and a bowl of sugar. I dipped the glasses in the water and then dipped them in the sugar to give the glasses a little something special. These large goblets are courtesy of the fabulous Dollar Tree. A lime would have added a little more pizazz, but the grocery dollars are suffering right now so we just skipped that little specialness this week.

Results: We followed the recipe as instructed, but decided to half the amount of tequila (because we are lightweights and didn’t want to push our luck) and added one can of water to make them a tad less strong.

The taste of these is excellent, in fact, my husband hates margaritas, but absolutely loved these. We served them on the rocks with sugar on the rim, which resulted in a delicious combination of sweet and tart. The beer adds a foamier feel to the margaritas, but did not add any odd flavor to them. I don’t think you would even notice the ingredient was in there unless the “bartender” was mixing them in front of you.

Conclusion: Idiot Margaritas ARE good! Thanks, Jane’s Apron for the fabulous new recipe. It will be a hit with all of our friends!

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