Notebook Experiments: Can I Make Apple Cider Syrup?

Experiment: Can I switch up the Sunday routine and make a batch of apple cider syrup?

Experiment Taken From: Notebook Entry 07.15.09

Materials Needed: Please see goodLife{eats} for specific directions on how to make this delicious apple cider syrup. I did make my syrup with apple juice because that is what we always have on hand in the kitchen. You would not know the difference with all of the added spices and it still has a very developed flavor.

Results: I have had this recipe in my to-be-tried box for awhile. I couldn’t wait until this fall weather came along so I would have an excuse to make this syrup.

I am a big fan of fun syrups for waffle and pancake topping. My regular pancake syrup is what we usually use and in the summer blueberry syrup is a decadent treat. I was hoping that this recipe would be just as good and I was not disappointed at all.

Simply cook the ingredients on the stove until it comes to a boil, throw in a little butter, and then serve with your favorite waffles. The whole process took about five minutes and was completely worth it.

Conclusion: Our entire family loved this recipe and I love that this makes enough for two brunches in our house. I stored the leftover syrup in a canning jar and am keeping in the refrigerator. I also can’t help but think what a fantastic gift this would make! Paired in a breakfast gift basket with a little homemade waffle mix, it would make a fantastic housewarming gift or a special treat for a friend. Thanks to Katie at goodLife{eats} for sharing this great little recipe!

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