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I can tell by the messages that I have received that you guys love the freebies as I have received a lot of inquiries on my Budget Living Magazine post.

I should clarify a bit on the Free Biz Mag site that I posted on yesterday. Free Biz Mag is a company that sends out free subscriptions to magazines to folks like you. Now why in the heck would this company be giving away free magazines? Well, the reason is that they are looking for people who fit a certain criteria in a certain region to fill these spots that are lacking. So when they are looking for a tired homemaker who lives in the beautiful Midwest- I get an email alert from this company notifying me that a new magazine has become available based on my job description and region that I live in.

Upon receiving this alert, I then have to fill out a questionnaire in order to receive the subscription. Don’t get scared! Scroll down to “No thanks” and “no” responses to everything. The “No thanks” will, of course, be the very last response. The important thing to know is that you do not have to sign up for anything other than the magazine you are after.

The subscription length will depend on the deal that they are offering. Some are six months, and many are for two years (if you can believe it).

I am willing to share with you my secret hint for keeping track of those freebie magazines. Just in case, God forbid, you should get a bill for one of your free magazines, it is good to remember which subscriptions you have paid for and which you have not paid for. Use the initial “F” for free on the freebie ones that you sign up for. If you get a bill, you know that it is a freebie and therefore, not something that you have to pay for.

Now on to more freebie magazines….

Kraft Food Magazine– Chock full of great dinner ideas which include recipes or variations on some of your old box favorites. They usually have special kid recipes and also have great ideas for birthday cakes and entertaining. This is a magazine that I look forward to each time I receive it.

Lowes Creative Ideas, Garden Club and Woodworkers Magazines– Lowes offers several publications that are full of great ideas on home improvement projects, gardening, or learning more about the art of woodworking. Some of the projects are very simple while others are for more of a seasoned home-improvement expert. They also include within their step-by-step instructions, a shopping list for you to go by to pick up the materials needed for each project. This is one of those publications that my husband and I both fight over.

Enjoy all of those free magazines and give me some feedback, some gratitude, a bone or something for all these nice things I do for you….I will even be happy with some comments, people!!

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