More Baby Freebies

Friday Freebies!!

This is our second installment of baby goodies. Please be sure to visit the first round of freebies and take this week’s poll on your grocery budget. The results will be discussed at the end of the week!

Pull Ups Success Guide
Fill out the form for a free Pull Ups Success Guide (allow 6-8 weeks for delivery)

Bright Beginnings baby Formula
When you become a member of the Bright Beginnings Customer Club, we will send you valuable Coupon Paks good for savings on our already sensibly-priced formulas and nutritionals.

Charmin Potty Training Kit
The potty training kit includes a storybook, poster, stickers, roll ruler, photo magnet, & potty training diploma. This is a really neat freebie and I highly recommend this if you are potty training. Even if you are not potty training, the stickers are great to keep little hands busy during church service!

Nursery Water
Click Magnet Offer & Coupon Offer to receive this freebie

Preemie Magazine
Free one year subscription to parent’s of preemies

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