Monday WAHM Spotlight: Texas Trail Web Design

Thanks to Laura Kirkland for being part of our Monday WAHM for We wish her much success in her business and with her family.If you are interested in being featured, we will be selecting a mom for each Monday of my blog. You can read more and apply. Email confirmations are sent to each mom if they are chosen. I still have many people to reply to on these so please be patient waiting for my reply. I promise to get back to you guys soon! Also remember to do your own research on these companies. If there are obvious red flags on BBB, I do not post them. Check my scam article to find out more about the potential dangers of work-at-home businesses.Thank you to Laura and her WAHM business, Texas Trail Web Design, for taking the time to apply and be a part of my Monday feature.

Personally, Laura’s tips have really struck a chord with me & my heart. There is much to be gained by reading them- it is invaluable advice to any work-at-home mommy. Thanks to Laura for sharing such heartfelt advice- I know many will have much to be gained from reading these tips!

Name: Laura Kirkland

City/State: Canton, Texas

Name of Company: Texas Trail Web Design

Two or Three Sentences About Your Company:

I specialize in doing funky, bold web sites for businesses who like to stand out from the crowd. I love to hear the “Wow!” over the phone when a client sees their new web presence. It’s been my experience that professional web site makes each business owner feel confident that what they are doing matters and gets them ready for success.

Tips for Moms Trying to Work-At-Home (these tips can be how you stay organized, how to be successful, how to get started- anything that you feel would help someone
just starting out):

1. No Money? Prepare Anyways.

I’ve heard it said that When opportunity comes, its too late to prepare. I want to encourage the moms who are stuck in between thinking and doing to get out there and get ready! You may not have the money yet, or any idea of how it will all come together. Prepare anyways. Brainstorm. Get excited. Throw the doubts out. We all need inspiration and giving yourself permission to dream breathes life into your soul!

2. Have Fun with Your Kids in between working

I’ve had days where my project consumes my thoughts and I’ve been grumpy and not fun for my kids. They fed right off my attitude and they felt horrible- and everything seemed to break down. I had no creativity to work, no desire and my poor kids felt bad too.

It’s been a hard lesson for me and my kids, but I learned to PLAY. It’s not an option. I can’t skip it because work is waiting. Play is as nourishing to my attitude as it is theirs. We play loud music, dance, do whatever we need to laugh and be free with each other. We all have fun and then I really am refreshed to work again.

3. Be Patient with Yourself and Your Kids

I’ll be honest- starting my own business has had its stressful moments in our house. We have all had to sacrifice to some extent and it took focused determination and my faith for me to not give up. I felt fears and doubts that I wasn’t a good mom if I didn’t give my kids 100% of my attention, that no one would hire me, that I wouldn’t be able to get the job done. It seemed like every hurdle I made it over, another doubt was waiting to get me to quit the race.

I threw all those fears out and did what God lead me to do. It has not always been cookies & smiles, but I am highly motivated and still committed to success even when I skin my knees along the way. I remind myself “I know more than I did yesterday” and I keep going.

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