Monday WAHM Spotlight: CaitiMac Creations

Name: Carolyn Carter

City/State: Cochranville, PA

Name of Company: CaitiMac Creations

Two or Three Sentences About Your Company:

I own a baby keepsake business specializing in handmade shopping cart covers, clingy cords (my own invention), fleece baby blankets and Boo-boo bags. All of my items are very unique and made w/great attention to detail. I started my business so I could stay at home w/my 19 month old daughter.

Two Tips for Moms Trying to Work-At-Home (these tips can be how you stay organized, how to be successful, how to get started- anything that you feel would help someone just starting out):

Make sure you have work/life balance. I know how easy it is to get wrapped up in my work but I have to remember that my 19 month old needs mommy time.

For me to stay organized I have to write everything thing down. For example: what I have to buy at the store, what I sold, how much it was and who bought it. Always keep a list/journal or your inventory/supplies.

**If you are interested in being featured, we will be selecting a mom for each Monday of my blog. You can read more and apply. Email confirmations are sent to each mom if they are chosen. Please remember to do your own research on these companies. If there are obvious red flags on BBB, I do not post them. Check my scam article to find out more about the potential dangers of work-at-home businesses.**

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