Mom’s Date Night: Back To School Shopping

My little supermodel wanted to show off his cool new t-shirt. We wore this out last week to go pick up Ethan’s school supplies and got stopped by tons of people in the store who wanted to pump Ethan up about how great kindergarten was going to be.

I took him for a special date night and we went to go get everything from his list of school supplies, a new backpack, and picked up some of his uniforms. I wish we could have taken advantage of end-of-year clearance on the uniforms, but we weren’t sure if he was going to get in this school or not. The real dilemma was finding enough clothes in his size and that would fit his narrow frame. We had virtually no luck at Wal-Mart and very little luck at Target. It is difficult to find a boy’s size 4 in the appropriate color scheme so I will have to do some additional hunting online for his fall/winter clothes.

$150 in supplies later and we headed over to Wendy’s for a special dinner complete with a Vanilla Frosty.

We couldn’t end our date there though because we had to head to a very special place to get something very special. Yes, Ethan is now a card-carrying adult because he got his very own library card. It was quite exciting to sign his own name, in his very careful script, and then pick out books and check them out in self-check ALL BY HIMSELF! He kept telling the librarian, “Excuse me, ma’am. Excuse me. I am down here.” The librarian laughed and told him that she could see him perfectly, but he kept saying, “Um, ma’am. I’m down here! I need a library card”

The joy in his eyes as we headed out with that little piece of plastic… May that feeling of joy only be replicated with free cards and not a credit card! Isn’t that every parent’s prayer?

What are you doing to get ready for school and when do your kids start? Where have you found the best deals on school supplies?

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