Mommy Inventor Interview: Dwink Drink Holder

I always find mommy inventors so inspiring and am amazed by their creativity. That is why it brings me great joy to feature this mommy inventor and her ingenious product- the “dwink box holder.”

Yvonne Huang decided to launch her own business marketing a juice box holder that could fit all juice boxes, not just the standard size. For any mom who has battled with squirting juice boxes and hasn’t been able to find a product that could accommodate their odd sizes, this product is for you.

At first glance, this juice box holder (although much cuter than most) appears to be the same as any other juice box holder. When held in your hand though, you begin to notice the flexibility of the container (to accommodate all drink box sizes) and the thoughtful details in it, like the no slip bottom and soft handles of the holder. It is just the type of invention that you think, “A mom must have thought of that!”

We got the opportunity to speak with Yvonne and learn more about herself and her product!

How many children do you have and where are you located?
I have 2 boys. Joshua (5 yrs old) and Jacob (4 yrs old). We live in Southern California.

How did you get the idea for your product?
My kids were squeezing their juice boxes and Capri Suns all over the place. I bought several different juice box holders but none of them could fit all of the different juice boxes and pouches. I didn’t want to limit myself to buying only one kind of juice box, and I didn’t want to keep track of which holder could fit which type of drink. So I decided to design my own “universal” drink box holder.

What would be your advice to someone just starting out?
Make sure you are fully committed and prepared – emotionally and financially – to go through with it. Because it’s going to take a lot longer and it’s going to be a lot harder than you thought. I also have a very supportive and encouraging husband.

What do you think makes your product unique versus your competitors?
It’s the only holder that fits all drink boxes and pouches SNUGGLY, including soy milk boxes and extra-small juice boxes… AND I think it’s super cute!

How do you juggle your children and your business?
I make my kids work for me- they are the ones who pack up the dwink boxes. Just kidding! My 2 boys are more work than a full-time job, even with the help of my husband. But they are in school every day from 9am-2pm so those hours are “my” time. I try to do what I need to do during those hours. If I have to do something work-related while the kids are home, I take them with me or ask my mother-in-law to help me for a little while. I often do work in the evenings when my husband is back from work. Basically, we take it a day at a time and help each other where we can.

The universal “dwink” box holders can be purchased for $4.99. Please visit for more information on how to purchase this product.

We wish Yvonne and her company much success!

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