MomAdvice Simplified: Simplify the Bedtime Routine

On MomAdvice Simplified, my weekly podcast for moms, we will be joined by Dr. Marc Weissbluth, professor of pediatrics at Northwestern University in Chicago and founder of The Sleep Disorder Center at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago and a practicing pediatrician.

Is bedtime an hour of stress in your house? Are you constantly battling with your children at bedtime? Are you struggling with getting sleep yourself?

Dr. Weissbluth will be joining us to share his expertise to help with those bedtime blues. Dr. Marc Weissbluth & ParentsConnect are proud to present Bedtime Bootcamp to help parents establish healthy family sleep habits.

Dr. Weissbluth is highly regarded among parents for being one of the biggest names in sleep-training, and now parents can participate in what is quickly becoming all-the-rage online: Bedtime Bootcamps, hosted by Dr. Weissbluth himself.

He joins my show this week to share some tips for nailing the bedtime hour and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Just as a reminder, you can listen to the show live every Thursday at 2PM EST or you can listen later right here on my the left sidebar! Check back after the show for our resource list so you can explore all of the great links to book and advice that we share during our half hour.

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