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Craving some afternoon reading today? MomAdvice is on the move and I am sharing on a few other sites this week some fun seasonal advice for the summer season!

This week on Goodwill Tips, I am sharing all about the great finds you can grab at your local Goodwill store before heading off on your next vacation. Certainly, thrift store shopping might not come to mind when buying items for your next vacation, but if there is anything I have learned when it comes to saving money, Goodwill is my first stop when I need to do a little shopping for a trip. Swing on over to Goodwill Tips for a list of great items to stock up on for your next vacation.

Over at Kenmore, you will find me dishing about ways I save on outdoor entertaining. Creating an elegant spread on a budget can be challenging, so I’m offering a few tips for making the most of your entertaining budget in the summer months. I am also sharing a fun recipe that can be made in your slow cooker for the big day so you can enjoy time with your friends instead of hovered over a stove all evening.  Get the scoop over at Kenmore on genius ideas for making entertaining easier for your family.

Are you planning a family reunion this year? Be sure to visit my article on Snackpicks to streamline the process of entertaining such a large group.  This article will have you covered from creative invites, to easy recipes, to games that the whole family can do together. Planning a great family reunion does take effort, but it will create a lifetime of memories that your family will long remember. Visit my article for just a few tips to help you plan a successful and memorable family reunion.

I am also on the move, literally,  as I head to Atlanta tomorrow for BlogHer Food. I am so grateful to Walmart for sponsoring my ticket, travel, and accommodations for this conference.  This will be my first BlogHer Food and I am very excited to learn how I can make the Recipe section of our site better for our readers and learn more about food photography, vlogging, and writing. Thank you again to Walmart for making this trip possible for me so I can make this site a better resource.

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