Make Your Own Scented Oil Refills

I have an obsession with making sure our house always smells really nice. House that smells really nice= six or seven of those scented oil plugins all over the house. The problem with having all of these is the cost to maintain them.

My first solution was to find the generic versions at Aldi. They had lots of scents to choose from and they are only $1.67 per plugin. That was a better deal than most places, but times that by six each month and that was quite the cut into the grocery budget.

I was reading a list of tips from Mary Hunt, that are provided by her readers, and I saw this tip. This is one of those tips where I literally smacked my head and said, “Why didn’t I think of that sooner?”

The tip was to take scented oils, from cheap places like your local Dollar Store, and refill those puppies yourself.

I went to our Dollar Store last night and picked up an apple cinnamon scented oil. I brought it home and took the oil refill apart. The generic ones basically come apart by being pulled. I am sure the brand name ones probably can screw apart. I then took a small funnel and poured in the new scent. I dipped both ends of the scent-stick-thingie in the oil, just to give it a good start, put it back together & plugged it back in.

Total cost, about five cents a pop! Isn’t that such a brilliant idea? I just love when I find a good idea like that!

Oh, and our house smells like a dream. I did get a few weird looks from my husband as I was performing my science experiment, but whatever!

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