m challenge: What’s In Your Purse?

m challenge What's in Your Purse
Our m challenge maximize post for Money Management is all about utilizing your purse and wallet to it’s full potential. I asked our amazing money contributor from last year, Kelly Whalen from The Centsible Life, to show us what she keeps in her purse, and while some are fun and interesting (hello, Rescue Remedy and watermelon lip shimmer), other things – like the file folders, notepad, pencils, coupons, and gift cards – are great ideas to keep on hand to manage impulse buying and be able to organize on-the-go.
Amy asked me to share what I keep in my wallet or purse. I’m sharing an unfiltered view of what I keep in my purse. I didn’t take anything out, but I keep it pretty organized so I don’t think there are any big surprises.
I keep a LOT in my purse because I’m a mom and I travel sometimes so I like to be prepared for everything and anything. When I’m on the go I may also have chargers, my laptop, a book, or even a change of clothes stashed in my bag. I like to be prepared. I’m a Doomsday prepper when it comes to purses.
Purse: My bag is called the ‘How Does She Do It?” bag in navy/white stripes. It was our check-in bag at Mom 2.0 last year and I LOVE it! It also came with the matching small pouch.
Front pocket: cell phone
Zippered pouch inside of purse: Land’s End fleece gloves with touchscreen fingertips (perfect for cold weather!)
Two inside pockets:
  • first aid box with earbuds (I have to disguise them so my family doesn’t take them!)
  • business card holder
Main pocket:
  • pencil pouch with pens and pencils
  • keys
  • glasses case
  • list of errands (all checked off!)
  • grocery store receipt (in ball at bottom)
  • Starbucks receipt (so I could enter their lifetime giveaway!)
  • eyeglass cloth
  • small expanding file folder (Target’s dollar spot FTW!) to hold coupons and membership cards
  • medium sized expanding file folder to hold receipts, larger mail, lists, etc.
  • notebook
  • two dollar bills
  • wallet
In my wallet (a Target wallet like this):
  • handful of receipts
  • handmade Sherlock birthday card from Etsy
  • coupons to be filed
  • license
  • debit card
  • credit card (we use one regularly throughout the month for the rewards) and a backup card in case ours is compromised (it happens too frequently these days)
  • business credit card
  • healthcare cards (Benny card for our healthcare FSA, insurance card, pharmacy reward card)
  • some change
  • a few dollars (I rarely carry cash)
  • a variety of gift cards (I’m saving them up for holiday shopping)
A small zippered pouch:
And that’s it! PHEW!

What do you always keep in your purse? Any suggestions for items that save you a lot of money?

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