Kentucky Derby Bunco

Good cheap fun…that’s what Bunco is!

I blogged about our fabulous wedding party and my retro housewife themed Bunco that turned out to be a blast.

This month’s Bunco theme was the Kentucky Derby so we all donned our fabulous hats and our high heels for a fun time.

I had to borrow a hat from girlfriend so here are some pictures before I got my hat on.

Ethan & Emily think it so cool when mommy dresses up for these events so they wanted to get some pictures with me before I left.

The kids kept touching my dress and smelling me….hmm…I wonder what they are trying to tell me?

Just call me Sandra Lee, as I was running short on time with a ton of appointments and events going on that day.

I found a Suddenly Salad in my pantry and used up what was left in our fridge to make my dish.

This is their classic pasta salad flavor with a few of my own additions- romaine hearts, tomatoes, sliced black olives, and narrow slivers of pepperoni to dust the top.

Despite it being convenience food (bought deeply discounted, of course!), I thought it turned out really good.

This was our lovely hostess, my friend Jessica.

Jessica is also the one who taught me how to knit so I especially love her right now!

She has been to the real Kentucky Derby so she wanted us all to have a taste of the food that we would eat there.

She served us Kentucky Hot Browns, Cheesy Grits, Derby Pie, Mint Juleps & Mimosas.

We all agreed that the food was great, but the Mint Juleps were extremely um…refreshing, but tasted horrible.

Here we all are with our hats on!

We are all wearing our very best summer dresses and it is about fifty degrees outside.

We all wished we were in Kentucky for this shot, but we were enjoying some derby fun in Indiana!

Gotta love a good Bunco theme and this one was GREAT!


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