Herb-Buttered Grilled Corn, Grilled Veggies, & More Grilling Tips & Ideas

This year we have been using our grill almost every day and have been trying lots of new recipes that we had never attempted before on the grill. One new thing that we have really been enjoying this year is grilled vegetables.

Our favorite summertime food has always been corn on the cob, but our new favorite summertime food is this herb-buttered grilled corn on the cob that you must try. Considering it is almost the end of the summer season, this corn is a great way to use up whatever you have left in your herb garden and to put it to good use. The finished product is delicious, buttery, and so fresh-tasting with the addition of the herbs.

Begin by pulling some of those weedy herbs from your garden and give them a good chop. If you have kids that are scared of big green hunks, like mine, I love to use my little hand chopper to make sure that they are minced up really good. Mix these chopped herbs into your slightly softened butter to create the coating for your corn. To make sure that the sugar dissolves into the butter, reserve a tablespoon to melt and mix your sugar and salt into that for that salty-sweet exterior.

Rest your corn on a little tin foil and spread and massage the herb buttered mixture into your corn. Then wrap the corn with the tin foil. You can put these back in the fridge until it is time to cook or go ahead and put them right on the grill!

Place the corn on a grill on medium heat. Cook on the grill for fifteen minutes, turning every few minutes to cook the corn through. Put these on the grill first because they will stay nice and hot for a half hour or more while wrapped in the foil, making it the perfect little party food!

Herb-Buttered Grilled Corn (adapted from Food.com)

6 ears fresh corn, cleaned
6 tablespoons sweet butter, softened (I reserved 1 tablespoon to melt and dissolved the sugar and salt into that, then add to the butter mixture)
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon fresh basil
1 teaspoon fresh thyme
1 teaspoon fresh parsley
1 teaspoon fresh rosemary
6 pieces aluminum foil, big enough to wrap corn

Place one corn on each foil. Mix remaining ingredient together and rub into each cob. Wrap foil up around the corn and grill 15 minutes turning often.

If grilled corn isn’t your thing, you will have to give the grilled vegetables a try that were featured in our notebook from gimmie some oven. I was so excited to try this recipe that I ran right out and got some veggies from the store to create this side dish. If you have a bounty left still in your garden, you could incorporate what you have on hand to make this side. My little cast iron grill pan that I got from Goodwill got put to good use on my grill- it’s not just for my steaks anymore! Paired with a little baked brown rice and these marinated shrimp skewers, it was the perfect summertime meal.

And if you are ready to get those grill grates clean, be sure to read my favorite tip for getting the grill tidy that you can actually do while you are sleeping! In my opinion, it is the one of my most genius moments ever!

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Do you have a favorite way to grill your veggies? Please share your tips and recipes here!

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