Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone! I hope that you have had as fun of a day as we have had. Our day was filled with family activities, visits from the Easter Bunny, and lots of egg hunting.

The Easter Bunny left a cowboy hat, sheriff badge, and red bandana for the little guy so that he can look like a real cowboy. He has suddenly been really interested in cowboys, but it has been a sad sight to see him do his cowboy impersonation in my beach hat. He would throw my floppy hat on over his head and say, “Howdy, partner!” The catchy phrase and the beach hat just didn’t go together so I spent a day walking around the costume shop trying to find the perfect cowboy attire (minus the gun). The whole set was a total of eight dollars which was a gosh darn miracle considering the other cowboy costumes were at least fifty bucks for a pair of pleather chaps and vest. Unbelievable! Those stores must be raking in a ton of money with those prices!

After making this purchase I was beyond excited to see my little cowpoke’s face when he woke up. We displayed his gifts neatly in a little cheap Easter bucket that we had laying around the house tucking the bandana in the basket along with his badge. Can you guess what his favorite thing was? Yup, the stupid bucket…oh, and the cowboy hat was also used as a carrying case for his Thomas the Tank Engine trains. Oh well! I made a good effort.

I hope that our son will be able to sleep tonight as I hear him kicking his legs against the wall. Considering the amount of goodies he consumed before he hit the sack, the outcome looks doubtful. I am sure I am not the only parent wondering if their child will be resting tonight. I guess I should be happy that Ethan is only kicking against the wall and not jumping through the ceiling with the copious amounts of candy he has eaten. But, heck, isn’t that what Easter is all about, ya’ll?? Goodnight, partners!

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