Gifts You Can Make: Kimba-Inspired Holiday Wreaths

A Soft Place to Land has been a longtime source for me to find fantastically frugal decorating ideas. It started with two white pumpkins that sit on my step each year, it graduated into a ping pong wreath extravaganza, and now it has moved into the world of holiday wreaths.

When Kimba shared her e-book with me, it came with no expectations other than a chance to read it and enjoy it. I couldn’t help but read it and become immediately inspired to make the projects that were highlighted. The tutorials were easy to understand, the projects were budget-friendly, and I found a few new holiday traditions I would like to try.

Pictured above is the first holiday wreath that I decided to make out of her book. Putting things in perspective, this wreath is a gigantic 30″ wreath that looks expensively store-bought. It looks so expensively store-bought that I was genuinely offended that my husband never remarked a word about it. After stewing all day on irritation, I asked if he realized that this required a bit of work and effort with my glue gun. He was stunned…he thought I bought it. “If you only knew how much I am worth,” I muttered beneath my breath.

Pricing wreaths out at Hobby Lobby, I found I could get a scrawny 20″ wreath with three pine cones on it for about $100. This 30″ overloaded wreath cost about $30 in materials and is a genuine show-stopper! The tutorial guided you through ideas on how to achieve a full wreath, how to add texture into your wreath, and guidance even on hanging your wreath. The ideas were simply genius!

Unfortunately, my glass door would not shut on all of the genius work that was done. It required the entire brunt force of my body to shut the glass door and it smashed all of its elegance out of it. No wreath that pretty should look like that.

Our house addition on a budget was the perfect new location to display our gloriously gorgeous new wreath. I was able to mount the wreath with a trusty 3M plastic hook that can be removed without any damage to my new door. The best part about this new location is that you can even see it from our front window of our house. It makes our kitchen area so festive and I know it will be used yearly.

Unlucky for me, I was back to square one on my front door. Fortunately, I bought enough materials to make a smaller version too!

The red cranberries and red ornaments make my door really pop and make our house look more welcoming. Luckily, this modestly sized wreath (20″ wide) fits comfortably behind my glass door.

Of course, after seeing my wreaths, I have gotten a few gift requests that I make a few more! This truly would make a fantastic gift for someone you love or as a gift to yourself!

Pick up a copy today of, “A Very Kimba Christmas,” for a mere $8!

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