Free Sweet Tea in January

A good Southern sweet tea is hard to come by out here in the Midwest and very few places in our area serve or offer it. The closest we can get is usually that nasty Lipton tea in the soda machines. Blech! Don’t you folks in the South feel so sorry for us? (*sniff, sniff*)

Our local McDonald’s though has now added sweet tea to their menu and every Tuesday, in the month of January, you can swing by to pick up a free sweet tea. No purchase necessary!

After that, a 32 ounce sweet tea will be just $.99, making that a super sweet bargain for this frugal momma! Here’s hoping it is an improvement that rivals their excellent coffee improvements they have made!

*Note: Check to see if your McDonald’s is offering the same campaign. I know all Michiana locations are offering it in our area.*

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