Free is Just So Good!

I went to the Supermarket on Monday afternoon. I returned some movies that I had gotten for free at our local RedBox (Coupon code: PAPERBOY). Next, I made a pitstop at the Starbucks in the supermarket where I used my gift card to get a free cup of coffee. I then headed over to the cat food aisle and picked up a bag of Purina One Cat Food, which I had received a coupon (value good up to $7 and some change) for and handed the bag to the cashier.

She looked at the coupon, looked at me, looked at the coupon and then rang my order up. When she handed me the receipt she said, “It must be nice to get things for free.” What I wanted to say was, “Oh, ma’am, you have absolutely no idea!”

How do you even begin to tell someone how you live your life looking forward to your mail instead of dreading it? How do you explain the joy of figuring out free things to do with your kids? How do you explain that living a life free of debt is my goal? I think it would take more than a quick stop in a grocery line to explain all of that.

Isn’t free just so good?

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