Fireworks Galore

Were the fireworks crazy where you live? I decided to hit Walmart last night (because all of their perennials were marked down so low that it was nuts!) and when I got home the sounds were deafening. I brought my husband out, to show him the plants I got for a mere three dollars, and we noticed some weird black things buzzing by. What were they, you might ask? Why, they were bats! Bats by the dozens, swooping so low to the ground that they were almost touching the grass. I have only seen more bats than that at the zoo, and they were confined within glass. I was so freaked out that I ran into the house, and made my poor hubby drag all of the plants in, because I was afraid they were going to attack me. We figured that the sounds were throwing them off, as much as it was throwing off the rest of our family. Know what makes for good quality family entertainment that doesn’t even cost you a dime? Why, watching numerous crazy bats flying down to the ground at six zillion miles per hour. How was ya’lls evening?

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