Finally, a Fan Page

There are a few  housekeeping things that I am behind on and one has been creating a Facebook Fan Page. When I started on Facebook, I set up a group to keep everyone updated on the site. I had no idea that the group pages can only hold 5,000 members and that I should have set up a Fan Page in the beginning.

The new Fan Page is up and feel free to fan it, if you are so inclined. I am not a spammer. If you could see my two children in action, you would understand why I will never spam you…I simply don’t have the time! That being said, I will just be adding our blog feed to the site and any events that might be happening.

If you are interested in setting up your own Fan Page, my lovely and talented friend Andrea, from MommySnacks has a fantastic fan page tutorial that I used to create our fan page. It is everything you need to know to get your blog networked and get your fan page up in less than a half hour. I promise!

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