Father’s Day Craft: DIY Chalkboard Conversation Bubble Cookie Jars

 DIY Chalkboard Conversation Bubble Cookie Jars

I am so excited to share with you a fun craft today that you can do to spoil the dads in your life this year for Father’s Day. Today I am showcasing this EASY DIY Chalkboard Conversation Bubble Cookie Jar that you can create using some inexpensive supplies and fill with your dad’s favorite treat.

Before I get started, I want you to know that crafting is not easy for me. I really do think I was born lacking a natural crafting gene. I actually did this craft twice and failed at it the first time. I made a huge craftastrophe in my kitchen, dripped paint all over the place, and was about to give up. This craft took me THREE trips to the store and an entire day to execute. Once I figured out the best way to do it though, I felt like a craft rock star and tackled this project in less than an hour with amazing results. I just think it is nice to hear the behind-the-scenes stuff once in awhile. I have complete confidence that with this tutorial you are going to get to enjoy all of the rock star status without the drippy paint all over your kitchen.

 DIY Chalkboard Conversation Bubble Cookie Jars DIY Chalkboard Conversation Bubble Cookie JarsLet’s get started with our picture of supplies and the (approximate) cost of the materials for you to recreate this craft.

For this craft you will need (all found at Walmart):

1 Gallon Cookie Jar (over by the jars in the kitchen section)- $7.44

Krylon Chalkboard Spray Paint (in the home improvement section)- $3.97

Avery Removable Wall & Window Signage Sheets (over by the office supplies)- $9.97 for 5 sheets

16 count chalk (in office supplies)- $.47

Scissors (in your craft supplies)

1 sheet of heavy cardstock (in your craft supplies)


 DIY Chalkboard Conversation Bubble Cookie Jars

 DIY Chalkboard Conversation Bubble Cookie Jars

First, pull out your Avery Sheets. These are probably among the most awesome find EVER for creating labels and signs. My brain is buzzing with the possibilities for these. Focus, Amy, focus…

For this craft, we are going to use the Wall Application Side for spraying with chalkboard spray paint. This is the side that has the sticky side that is removable and adjustable… perfect for people who can never get anything on their projects perfectly straight.

In a well-ventilated area covered with newspaper or cardboard, place your Avery sheet. Shake the can vigorously for two minutes. Hold can 10-14 inches away from your project and begin spraying. Spray a thin coat in a sweeping motion beginning off the surface and continuing off the other side. Follow this pattern horizontally and then vertically. Wait fifteen minutes or so and then apply another coat.  They should be dry and ready to cut in about an hour.

 DIY Chalkboard Conversation Bubble Cookie JarsPrint out my FREE Chalkboard Conversation Bubble template on some heavy-duty cardstock. Use this template to cut out your chalkboard conversation bubbles. You should be able to get two labels from each sheet with this size label.

 DIY Chalkboard Conversation Bubble Cookie JarsWrite your chalk message on the conversation bubble and then adhere the message to your cookie jar. These Avery sheets are sticky, but do not leave a residue or tear. They are heavy-duty so if Dad wants to peel it off and give the jar a good wash, he can and then place the label back on.

I filled my jars with Oatmeal Chocolate Chip & Sea Salt Cookies for each of my dads. I can’t wait to give these them and I especially love that this craft cost about $10 in supplies for each one. Not too shabby!

Grab your free conversation bubble template HERE

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