Easy & Quick Birthday Gift

My grandfather’s birthday party was this past week and I needed to come up with a gift for him. He loves his sweets and he loves coffee so I thought brownies and some coffee would be just the ticket.

I prepared a boxed mix of brownies and then let them cool. In a bowl, I mixed together a container of chocolate frosting and a container of chocolate hazelnut spread (both purchased from Aldi) to make the most delicious frosting. I frosted these and then added a handful of chopped nuts to decorate the top. I had peanuts in my pantry, but I had wished that I had some hazelnuts instead.
My trick for getting the brownies to come out nicely is to keep a plastic knife in my silverware drawer. No matter how moist the brownie, the plastic knife slides easily through without messing up that perfect square shape. Don’t those look delicious?
I found some ribbon and a tag in my craft supplies and tied this around a bag of Carmel Drizzle Folger’s Gourmet coffee. Yum!

I think the gift was a hit because in my entire life, I don’t recall my grandfather ever writing a note to me to thank me. He had my grandmother call me to tell me that he ate these brownies for breakfast and even wrote a thank you note to me. My grandmother said to save this for the rest of my life because that NEVER happens. How sweet is that?

Grandparent gifts have always been more difficult for me. What are some grandparent gifts that your grandparents have really loved?

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