Dumb Magazine Tips…

I was reading through my Self magazine yesterday and noticed a little blurb in their beauty section. The blurb said that not only should I condition my hair daily (and deep condition once a week), but I am also supposed to be conditioning my eyelashes. The tip was to rub peutroleum jelly on my eyelashes and let it sit on them for one minute and then gently wipe off with a tissue.

All I could think was…wow! Who the heck has time to condition their eyelashes? Will they become dry and brittle from my lack of deep-conditioning each individual eyelash? Will they just fall out because they have been so mistreated and neglected?

To be honest, I am lucky if I wash my hair every single day and conditioning…well, let’s just say that this is less than the recommended amount for my mane of frizz.

So here is a real beauty tip for your magazine and for all of you mommies out there who can’t wash your hair every day. You know that astringent that you are supposed to use on your face, but never get around to doing that much less moisturizing? Dab this on a cotton ball and rub it on your roots. It takes all the oils out and you can have hair that looks (sort of) like it has been washed. It can get rid of the greasies in one fell swoop.

Now that is a tip that someone really COULD use!

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