Dora or Mommy? Pick!

See how I am already behind on this whole blog thing? I had vowed to do it daily and I have already fallen off the blog-wagon. Please forgive me (the two people in the world that read this, which include myself and my husband) for already getting behind. Due to technical difficulites, I have been unable to post, but I am hoping that we are back on track again.

Well, Friday was a good day for MomAdvice. We had our first local interview and it wasn’t featuring me talking about something, it was just about my site. How cool is that? Thanks to our local news station and Jennie Runevitch for featuring us on their Money-Saving Tips segment. It was an exciting day for us. The best part about the entire thing though was that our little Ethan was going to be in the news segment with me and I couldn’t wait to see him more than myself.

On Monday, the day of our show airing, I was terribly sick to my stomach worrying about what our segment would look like on their show. I have discovered that I am not very good in interviews, that I do not like how I look on film, and that I usually sound like I am not the brightest crayon in the box. Obviously, with all of that in mind, I was quite nervous.

At five o’clock we headed down to our family room to watch the news and we tried to stress the importance of this show to Ethan. In excited voices we said, “Mommy is going to be on the television, isn’t that fun, Ethan? Aren’t you so excited to see mommy?”

This question was met with a “No mommy! Dora!”

I admit I have no singing backpack or a naked little friend that only wears knee-high boots that accompanies me places (BTW- I think if I did my job title might be pimp, gigilo, or something equally cool..). I also realize that I sure as heck can’t read a map as good as Dora, but COME ON!

Yes, I am aware that Dora is fluent in two languages and I only know the lowly English language, but I have something working for me that Dora doesn’t….You see, I don’t have a sneaky thief following me around trying to snatch my purse. Comprendo, Dora? I also wouldn’t take peaceful measures and chant a mantra (Swiper, no swiping. Swiper, no swiping. Swiper, no swiping…) if someone was trying to take something that belonged to me. I would beat the crap out of that person and then I would drag him over to the prison to let THE MAN deal with him. And if you don’t know THE MAN, then you don’t know crap! THE MAN is serious and there would be no more purse stealin’ going on anymore.

SO, in short, I basically poo-pooed the idea of watching Dora and we got to watch mommy and Ethan instead. All I can say is that those people know their stuff. Strategic editing and amazing camera angles, coupled with good lighting, almost made me sound intelligent. It was really exciting to Tivo myself although I wasn’t half as interesting as this season’s American Idol (go Mario!! WOO-HOO!!)

Although I came in second place to Dora, Ethan did enjoy seeing himself on television and it was a historic moment for our family and for our site.

Thanks to all of the locals who have been so sweet to visit our site!

Oh, and Swiper, better watch your back!

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