Dollar Store Craft: DIY Chalkboard Food Label Frames

If you are a regular reader here, you may have been following my obsession with chalkboard spray paint for crafting on the blog. Today I wanted to show you how I used chalkboard spray paint to transform dollar store frames into DIY chalkboard food labels for parties and entertaining.

For this craft you will need one can of spray paint in your favorite color, 3.5 in x 5 in frames (I got ten of these), and a can of chalkboard spray paint. I actually am using the same spray paint that I used for our lunchbox creation station labels and my conversation bubble cookie jars that I created this summer. One bottle will really go a long way!

Take the frames apart and lay them on a drop cloth to spray paint. For the best spray paint results, shake the can for one to two minutes and during use.

For the frame itself: Hold your can 8 inches away from your surface and spray in a sweeping motion side to side with a slight overlap. It has always been my experience to go thin with the paint, allow it to dry, and then to add another layer for the best results and minimal drip. Allow the paint to dry for one hour. Flip the frames and then repeat the process on the back of the frame. Allow it to dry for another hour.

For the glass inside: Shake the chalkboard paint can vigorously for two minutes. Hold can 10-14 inches away from your project and begin spraying. Spray a thin coat in a sweeping motion beginning off the surface and continuing off the other side. Follow this pattern horizontally and then vertically. Wait fifteen minutes or so and then apply another coat. You need two coats to create your chalkboard surface.

Most importantly though, do not use any chalk on this for 24 hours! The chalkboard paint will need to harden and will not be ready until then. If you try it before it is ready (as I promptly did), it will just scratch the paint through, creating marks and exposing the glass of the frame.

Once everything has dried, you can put it back together. Now it is time to prep your mini chalkboards.

Rub a piece of chalk from side to side and then up and down to prepare your chalkboard surface. Now it is ready for your food labeling at your next party, tailgating event, or holiday feast!

Showcase how you now write like a first grader because you no longer write anything and only type. Jealous?

Tomorrow I will share with you some of these yummy recipes that I have been working on for the tailgating season! In the meantime, happy crafting with this fun dollar store craft!

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