Doesn’t Free Just Taste Better?

We went to a family picnic at my father’s work and had a great time this weekend. They supplied all of the food and entertainment- all for free! The food was great, but the best part about the meal for me.. Real soda! Not the generic version, but an actual Diet Coke. The real deal. The enchilada of sodas. Yup, I am really that pathetic.

Brand name soda doesn’t get purchased in our house. I might regret saying that when Coke approaches me to represent their product, but I must say that Coke is just a tad out of our price range.

Since we do not purchase regular soda, I have been on a quest to find the best generic soda out there. I have tried every kind of generic that you can imagine- Aldi, Walmart, local store brands, etc.. and they have all fell short of my expectations. If you like regular ol’ soda, like lemon lime or orange, this is a great option for you. The problem is that I like the more obscure types of generic. I like diet orange, diet lemon lime, diet cream soda- and these options are hard to come by. After much hunting, I have finally found the generic that stacks up the best- Meijer brand. They actually have all of these obscure types of soda! Currently the pricing is at $1.99 for a twelve pack so I feel like this is a fair deal and it even comes in those handy fridge packs. If you are not in the Midwest region, Kroger makes a great off-brand soda with a fair price too.

Now even though I have found the almighty supplier of generic sodas, even I will not turn down free brand name soda (and neither should you). Right now CVS & Pepsi products are running a deal where you come out with four 12-packs of soda for absolutely free. Really!

Check this week’s flier and on the front page it should show you that they are currently running a sale on their soda for four 12-packs of Pepsi products for ten bucks. Flip the page and you should see a handy little rebate form…for ten dollars back on your purchase. Simply attach the receipt & UPC codes and keep on checking your mailbox for that ten dollar check.

You can imagine how good that soda tastes when it is free. No longer does my husband have to endure the commentary of his horrible off brand soda at work (Mountain Lightning? What the heck is that? Big K Soda? Where did your wife pick that stuff up at?) I picked up three cases of Mountain Dew for him and a case of Diet Wild Cherry Pepsi for me. You would have thought it was Christmas in our house!

Don’t miss out on your free soda- check your local CVS for a rebate form or your local paper.

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