DIY Minecraft Costume Ideas

DIY Minecraft Costume IdeasHalloween is just around the corner and today I wanted to share a fun Minecraft Costume you can create for your very own little Minecraft-addict. DIY Minecraft costumes are fun to make with your kids and give you a chance to spend time together.

I am partnering with Walmart on this Halloween project and today’s project is a fun project that you can do with your kiddos for a Halloween costume.

DIY Minecraft Costume IdeasI have two little Minecraft-addicts in this house. My son was excited to craft up this costume with me and I enjoyed getting to do this together. He is so excited to wear his Steve box head and I am excited that this project cost less than $20 to pull off. In fact, if you have any of these supplies at your house, it may cost even less than that!

DIY Minecraft Costume Ideas

Supplies Needed:

1- 11x11x11 box (This size is NOT available at Walmart. We got ours at FedEx, but you can try Kinkos or the UPS store)

Minecraft Steve Printables– PDF’s printed on 11×17 paper (either print at home or have them printed at the same shipping/printing supplies stores that I have listed above)

All the rest of the supplies can be found at Walmart:

Glue Stick and/or glue gun & glue sticks

Paper Trimmer or Scissors

Box Cutter

Packing tape

Hanes T-Shirt in Aqua Blue

DIY Minecraft Costume Ideas

DIY Minecraft Costume Ideas


1. Print out your Minecraft Steve Head printables. I put these files on a jump drive and brought them to Kinkos with me and asked them to print the files on 11×17 paper. Read through this comment thread for printing options. It appears that UPS Store is the most affordable of the options. You can also print at home or try printing the files on smaller paper and piecing them together to save on costs. Feel free to also share your own experience with printing these by leaving a comment below!

2. Begin by taping together the bottom of you box. Once the bottom of your box is taped, you can begin folding in the flaps of the box on the other end, to create a hole for your child’s head.

3. Using a paper trimmer or scissors begin trimming off any of the white portions on the printables.

4. Cover the backside of the first printable with glue. We found the glue stick provided a great start and then I reinforced it, using my glue gun, with little dabs of hot glue along the seam underneath.

5. Repeat the above process and finish with Steve’s hair on top, carefully gluing the edges of the hair down around the top of the box with a little hot glue to secure.

6. Have an adult cut the holes out for Steve’s eyes and wear your new Steve head proudly. ┬áPair it with an aqua t-shirt and blue jeans to complete the look.

DIY Minecraft Costume Ideas

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We sure do love Halloween around here! ┬áDid you see our couple’s costume from last year? My husband sure does make a dashing Sue Sylvester! Yes, we get into it just as much as the kids do. And why shouldn’t we?

And why shouldn’t YOU?

If you are still looking for fun Halloween ideas, you must visit this DIY Halloween Costume Ideas article and this list of 7 More DIY Halloween Costumes to try creating. Happy Halloween, friends!


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