DIY Lampshade Ideas

DIY Lampshade Ideas from

One of the quickest ways to update a room is to spruce up a lamp in your home and today I wanted to show you some easy and affordable ways to transform a lampshade from Goodwill.

I love these ideas so much, in fact, that I have plans to add a new lamp or two to our space now for Spring!

I hope you will be as inspired as I am by these bloggers and their incredible lampshade makeovers.



Add a Fun Print With Leggings

You can find a pair of leggings in just about any pattern or color combination right now at just about any store.
Consider snagging a pair of inexpensive leggings and using this material to stretch over a lampshade in your house to add a trendy color or pattern to your home without a big financial commitment.

Add an Adorable Ping Pong Detail

I am a big fan of ping pong craft ideas and love this detail on a lampshade.

You can use fabric paints to match a room in your home and then glue on this three dimensional detail for a fun look for any game room.

Get the scoop on this DIY Ping Pong Lampshade from I Love to Create here.

Go Industrial

Your local thrift store is the perfect place to hunt for lampshades that have beautiful bones underneath their fabric exterior.
A simple removal of the fabric can create a beautiful industrial lampshade and the edition of an Edison bulb really completes the look on this easy DIY project.
Check out this industrial lampshade makeover on Bless’er House.

Add a Fabric Detail

If you aren’t a fan of the industrial look, but have a great lampshade base to work with, consider adding your own unique touches¬†with scraps of fabric.
If you are a sewer, you may have a mystery bag of materials to work with to create this adorable scrappy fabric lampshade for a corner in your craft room like Pen’s Nook!

Add a Feminine Touch

Nothing says Spring like floral and that is why I love this fabric flower lampshade.
With simple fabric circles, glue, and a little shaping, this is the perfect craft to work on while binge-watching all of your favorite shows on television.
Since you are covering the entire lampshade in flowers, it can really breathe life into a lampshade that may have seen better days thanks to a camouflaging of rosettes.




Add a Unique Embroidered Touch

I love, love, love the look of embroidery and this DIY Constellation Lampshade from Martha Stewart is jaw-droppingly awesome.

I have been seeing constellation projects popping up on table runners and wall murals, but have fallen in love with this lampshade for my small home.

If you can’t find a navy lampshade for your project, consider covering it in navy leggings (as I showed you in our first project listed here) or hunt through the t-shirt section of a thrift shop for the perfect navy shirt to use!

What are some ways you have transformed a lampshade?

Feel free to leave a comment below!

We love hearing your ideas!



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