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I love our bread outlet and go every other week to get all of our bread, bagels, muffins, & the occasional package of donuts. The ladies that work there know me by name and they love to get the updates on our family. They adore our Emily and give Ethan special treats when we come. I have loved going there and the great deals that I get.

When I walked in today, I noticed that they had changed all of their signs and increased their prices on every single item in the store. My whole grain bread that I was getting for a dollar was now doubled in price, as was just about everything in the store. The new prices were decent, but could be got at Aldi for the same/less or picked up on sale at other stores.

I paid for the items and expressed my disappointment over the price increase. I asked if the other outlets in the area had increased their prices as well, and they said all of the prices had increased in all of the stores in our area (we live in the Michiana area). The lady knocked a dollar off of the total, but it still ended up being more than I would like to spend on bread.

With gas at a whopping $3.39, I don’t feel inclined to make the effort to go there now.

So, do you have any tried and true bread machine recipes that you would like to share with me? Do you freeze the dough? Do you bake in the bread machine or do you use your oven to bake the bread? I am looking for any insight you guys can give on this, as I need to decrease our spending in this area now.

Please help me!

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