Deals from Hubby: Cheap Bread Machine

My husband is just as good at spotting a deal as me. He often sends emails to me throughout the day about things he has found on sale. This is the message I received yesterday:

“I know you prefer growing your own grain, harvesting it with an ox, and baking your bread in an adobe oven in the hot summer sun, but this could work as a backup on rainy days.”

$35.99 for a bread machine- pretty sweet deal! It looks like free shipping on this item too.

You could buy this… or you could just do what I am doing, which my husband enjoys making fun of while stuffing his face with homemade bread!

If you are at a loss as to what the heck to do with that old bread machine, make sure to check out my post on the ins and outs of making bread in the machine!

Published May 29, 2008 by:

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