Comparing Gas Prices Made Easier

In one of my past blog entries, I talked a little bit about GasBuddy and how this program allows people to share low gas prices that they spot in their local areas. I have used this a few times, but found it difficult to find the best price close to me. At times, I would go to the gas stations, only to find out that the price was inaccurate. Then I later blogged a bit about ways you can keep your gas consumption down. This is something that I am still trying to do.

Now I want to share with you another great site for comparing prices on gas. Leave it to MSN to come up with a better way of tracking gas prices! According to MSN Auto, they check every night and analyze prices from over 90,000 gas stations and you can search in your local area for the cheapest gas.

On their homepage, they have listed where the cheapest gas is (today it is Morehead, KY at $2.04! Lucky!) and the highest price for gas (listed today is Kanukakai, HI at $3.93 per gallon- ouch!)

I typed in my zip code and found a close gas station that is selling their gas for $2.59 a gallon, which is a steal these days!

In our area, $2.59 is the lowest, $2.69 is the highest, and the average price per gallon is $2.64.

Check this site out for the best prices in your area and feel free to sound off, in our comments section, how much you are paying for gas & how you save money.

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