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There are two known secrets that my longtime readers will know about me. The first secret is that I am passionate about setting 30 day goals for myself to improve my productivity and overall health. I have tried 30 day goals,  from organizing to exercising,  and they seem to fit so well with my lifestyle.  The second known secret is that I am passionate about saving money and one of the ways I do that is by embracing many of my beauty routines at home.

When Clairol contacted me to see if I would be interested in sharing about their 30 Day Daily Refreshment Calendar that would challenge their readers to make easy changes in their nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, and beauty, I was so excited to participate because it fit perfectly with the way I choose to challenge myself in my own life.

Each day in July they will be sharing a new tip and challenging the Clairol Facebook community to refresh one of their daily routines.  They selected a few of their favorite online influencers to provide the tips and I got the opportunity to provide two tips on health and nutrition that will be shared during the month of July. Not only are they featuring me, but they will be featuring consumers, and others that make a difference in women’s lives and their own Clairol Color Director Marie Robinson who will be sharing refreshment tips for spicing up your usual routines.

I have been coloring my hair for years and I have always done it at home. I will admit that some things are worth paying for at my salon.  For example, I love to get my hair trimmed and professionally cut regularly. In full disclosure, my eyebrows are a sore sight to behold without professional care since I was one of the few chosen ones born without a natural arch. Coloring my hair at home though is one of those no-brainer ways of achieving beauty while spending a fifth of the price of a beauty salon. Even more than that though, my life is a whirlwind of activities with two children and I truly do not have two hours to spend each month to maintain my color at the salon. Luckily, with all of the color options available, it is easier than ever to try coloring you hair at home.

I always have used Clairol color on my hair because I get a very rich natural shade and I love that the products achieve the results I am after in a mere ten minutes.

I got the chance to test run the new Natural Instincts Vibrant collection on my hair this week. This new permanent hair color option can lighten your hair two to three levels and give you a big transformation. I prefer to stick with my natural hair color so I gave the hair color a test run with a bottle of their Medium Brown hair color instead of opting for a lighter color. Unfortunately,  my color had gotten really washed out from spending so much time in the sun and I could use a rich tone back on my hair so I was anxious to give this new hair color a try.

I applied the color to my hair and then waited the designated ten minutes.

Ten minutes later, I gave my hair a rinse and applied the conditioner. My hair looked and felt amazing after the hair color and I was shocked how quickly the color sets in. If you are looking for a dramatic change or just a richer tone to your natural hair, this product really works well in a record amount of time.

The best part though, is that both the Natural Instincts in the demi-permanent and the Natural Instincts Vibrant Collection come with a week two color refresher. Two weeks after, just when your hair color is starting to feel a little faded, you can apply the color refresher to replenish the color and make it look just like the day you colored it. Hello affordable salon color, goodbye salon prices!

If you are looking to take on a thirty day refreshment challenge, I encourage you to visit the Clairol Facebook page and check out a daily tip that you can implement each day during the month of July.  July is usually when I begin to get in a beauty, nutrition, & fitness rut, but it doesn’t have to be that way and I am looking forward to checking out these tips myself.

In the meantime, give Clairol a Like on Facebook, follow me on Twitter for my own tips for the daily refreshment challenge,  and enjoy a little refreshment in your own daily routines with their quick and easy tips to improve your life!

This is a sponsored post, and Natural Instincts has provided me with compensation for this post and to share about their Daily Refreshment Calendar. My participation is voluntary and opinions are always my own.

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