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If you have been following my blog, you will know that I shared frugal gift ideas for the graduates in your life. One of my ideas was college coupons. We just happened to be going to a graduation this weekend, so my husband and I designed college coupons that you could print out and personalize for yourself. If you visit our free downloads section you can print out these coupons and choose the options that you are willing to help the graduate with (laundry, cookies, dinner at your house, etc..). You can download these here. This makes a nice (and inexpensive gift) and can be a gift that they enjoy throughout their school year (instead of just one day!)

I mounted my coupons on heavy cardstock. Then I stamped the top, punched a hole and attached the three together with ribbon. On the back, I wrote “Please Rush” and put one of those free address labels (another idea for using these is in this other blog entry) so that the graduate can mail this directly to me as a postcard.

I hope that this download will be useful to you and help cut down on the expense of graduation gifts for you & your family! Check my other entry on simplifying gift giving for other ideas that you can use for cutting down the expense of gift-giving!

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