Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25 For the Ladies

Christmas Gift Ideas from

Christmas gift ideas under $25 can be a hard budget to achieve.

Today I wanted to share with you 12 great Christmas gift ideas under $25 that would be perfect for yourself, a great gift for your girlfriends, a sister, or a mother.

These ideas are actually something that I have been thoroughly enjoying this year and believe you will to!

I only like to promote smart shopping so these have all been carefully hand selected and are gifts I believe anyone would love!

Christmas Gift Ideas from


Small Homes Grow Tight Families Print

One of my favorite pieces of art in our home is this print that reminds me of our commitment to live in a smaller home.

I ordered this for our house and it is now one of my favorite things in our home.

You can personalize it with your own address and choose your own colors.

Supporting Etsy sellers is always on my holiday to-do list for unique and thoughtful gifts. 

*Updated to say it looks like this particular sign is no longer available, but here and here are similar ones.

Christmas Gift Ideas from


Rice Cooker

If there is one appliance that gets a workout in our house, it is our rice cooker.

If you eat a lot of rice or quinoa in your house, than this is a fantastic appliance to give or get.

I put the steamer on the top to work for our family’s veggies and the bottom is where I make our brown rice.

Once you have one of these little gadgets, you will realize just how much easier your dinner hour is and wonder how you ever lived your life without it.

Christmas Gift Ideas from


Eddie Bauer Polartec Power Stretch Gloves

I have gone through and lost a ton of pairs of gloves over the years, but I always am careful with this pair because they are my warmest and most comfortable pair.

If you are looking for the perfect gloves to receive or to share, than these are the ones that I would recommend.

My best friend had a pair and then she told me about them and I ran out and got a pair for myself.

If you have a hard time keeping track of your gloves like me, you will love the little links on the side that click them together.  

These are also very cute!


Christmas Gift Ideas from

Fleece Leggings (in charcoal and black)-

If there is one item that is my go-to item in the winter, it is my fleece leggings.

If you have ever worn cheap leggings, you know how cold your legs can get without a warm layer.

These are thin, but lined with fleece so it basically feels like you are running around in your pajama pants.

I wear these with my sweaters, with my dresses, and with longer tunic tops.

I am giving these to all of the ladies in my life this year and can’t recommend these enough.

Once you wear these, you will never go back to cheap leggings again.



Christmas Gift Ideas from


One Line a Day Journal

If you are anything like me, it is difficult to journal with such a busy life and schedule.

I am absolutely in love with my One Line a Day journal because you have enough room to write a couple of quick sentences and at one glance you can see your sentence each day in a five year span on a single page.

It’s fun to see how many sentences get repeated or what you did exactly one year ago in one spot. 



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Owl Mug

I bought this gift for myself on a girlfriend shopping trip, and it is one of my favorite things in my cupboards.

You know when a mug is just the perfect size?

Well, this mug is big and has enough room in it for loads of coffee and milk/creamer topping.

I use this mug daily and would love to get a couple more in other colors, but even in a simple white it is a surefire day brightener


Christmas Gift Ideas from


Warm Regards Tights

Now that we are moving down my list, you can see my love for all things fleece and warm.

I bought two pairs of the Warm Regards Tights when I was visiting our local Francesca’s, on impulse,  because they were on sale!

When I slipped them on, I realized they were lined in fleece and the best invention ever in the world for chilly church mornings.

These tights make wearing a dress more of a daily event for me in the winter because I am toasty warm in these and my boots. 



Christmas Gift Ideas from


Spotify Premium Membership

I am a huge music lover and Spotify is where I listen to all of my favorite music and create my playlists for great music to listen to throughout the day.

Unfortunately, I have the free membership so I have to listen to annoying ads throughout the day.

Ever have an elegant dinner with your family and have a tampon ad blasting in the background?

It’s a mood killer!

I am hoping that Santa will be good to me this year and bring me a premium membership so I can take my playlists with me in the car and can take advantage of some ad-free listening.

This would be a great gift to give to any music lover in your life. 



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Microwaveable Rice Pillow

You might laugh, but my rice pillow is my most favorite handmade gift that my mother-in-law made me for me a few years ago.

These pillows are filled with rice and can be zapped in the microwave or popped in the freezer for a cold or hot pack for all sorts of body aches and discomforts.

In the winter, I zap mine three or four times a day and put it on my feet while I work or knit.

When I’m sick, it is the first thing I reach for to warm me up.

There are a variety of Etsy sellers that you can buy this from although anything in a houndstooth pattern takes this thoughtful gift to another level



Christmas Gift Ideas from


Celestial Seasonings Holiday Teas

My new favorite treat to myself is a cup of tea in the afternoon and I have fallen in love with these Celestial Seasonings Holiday Teas.

It is just like drinking the holidays in a mug and my latest favorites are the Gingerbread Spice and Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride.

These teas would make a great stocking stuffer or would be a fun addition to your grocery cart to take home when tackling all of those endless holiday errands 



Christmas Gift Ideas from

Picky Palate Cookbook

If you are going to add any cookbook to your Christmas wish list, can I recommend the Picky Palate Cookbook?

This cookbook is filled with tried and true recipes that any picky eater would love.

The cookbook offers beautiful photos and real family recipes that any home cook would love to create.

Usually when I flip through cookbooks, I see one or two dishes that I might like to create. In this cookbook, there is not a single recipe I wouldn’t want to try making for my family.

Jenny’s personality really pulls through in this book with her sweet spirit and references to her sweet family.

I am lucky enough to call her my friend, but if she wasn’t, it still would be a cookbook that I would recommend buying for this holiday season! 



Christmas Gift Ideas from

The Good Life for Less

You knew that this would have to be on the list, right?

I am so proud of this book and really feel like it would make a fantastic gift for anyone looking to live a beautiful life on a budget.

The book is filled with great recipes to share around the table, how to celebrate all of life’s big and small occasions, and how to do it all within a budget.

The book will be out on bookstore shelves on January 2nd (a slight shift in dates due to our reprinting), but is now available for pre-order.  Here are some options for great places to order it! I also encourage you to hit your local bookstore to pick it up! 





What are you hoping Santa will bring you this Christmas?

Any gift suggestions you would like to share?

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