Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25

Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25 from

As is tradition for the holiday season, today I wanted to share great gift ideas for under $25 to add to your Christmas wish list or to share with someone you love in your life.

These are a few of the items that are on my own personal wish list this year!

Fox Scarf

Mischief Maker Scarf

If you thought I was obsessed with owls this last year, I have found a new obsession with another woodland creature.

I am in love with this novelty-printed fox scarf for adding a whimsical layer to my wardrobe.

I hope Santa will wrap one of these up for me for under my Christmas tree! 



Jane Austen Collectible Editions

Jane Austen (Barnes & Noble Collectible Edition)

I have never tackled a Jane Austen book although I love every movie adaptation I have ever seen of her books.

Each Christmas I ask for one of these beautiful reissued classics from Barnes & Noble and try to read it for the year.

Why just buy one book though when you can get seven in one?

I am adding this affordable 7-in-1 books to my Christmas list this year. 



Work Hard Stay Humble Print


Work Hard Stay Humble Print

I am always looking for prints to add to my office and I absolutely love this reminder for my home office.

I would love to fill every room of my home with pretty font-filled motivation, but this print in particular speaks to my heart.



Celebration Cake Topper


Celebration Cake Topper

We are all about celebrating the big and little occasions around here and I would love to get this beautiful, celebration cake topper to top our baked doughnuts, cakes, and pancakes in the morning for those moments.

What a beautiful detail to add to our family celebrations! 


Punny Vegetable Tote Bag


Punny Vegetable Tote

Man, my farmer’s market visits just got a lot more fun with this hilarious tote.

In all seriousness, I love a good tote bag and I think this one really delivers on the fun and functional factors. 


Glass Cake Stand


Glass Cake Stand

This stand would be a perfect addition to my cake stand collection and I love the antique details on this one.

Although the $25 budget only affords me the small one, it would be just perfect for my food photography 



Owl Stitch Markers


 Owl Stitch Markers

I may be moving on to the foxes this year, but I still love my owls.

For my mother-in-law last year, I got her a cute set of sock monkey stitch markers.

She says it is her favorite thing and such a fun addition to her knitting supplies.

For knitters, it can be hard to come up with fun new gifts to add to their arsenal of tools, but a cute set of personalized stitch markers are a one-of-a-kind gift that any knitter would love.


Headed to Starbucks Hat


Headed to Starbucks Hat

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of our site sponsor Flourish Boutique!

There is rarely a day you will catch me not wearing something from their beautiful shop.

This wool hat  is a perfect example of beauty and functionality.

I am crazy about anything with rosettes and these neutral colors mean it would match with anything in my wardrobe.



Q&A a Day Journal


Q & A a Day

I am always looking for new ways to journal, but I have a hard time coming up with things to write about, especially on a daily basis.

I love this idea for a journal because it offers 365 questions that you can answer over the course of five years.

I think this might help me with my writer’s block that I have when trying to find the words to describe our daily life 



Forest Saunter Mug

Forest Saunter Mug

Every year I try to get one cute new mug and this year Anthropologie captured my heart with this mug  with, “these wood are lovely,” nestled inside.

I can picture enjoying my morning coffee in this one and the price tag on that fits just right too! 


Love these ideas and looking for more?

Be sure to check last year’s list of Christmas Gifts Under $25 for the Ladies in your life!

What is on your Christmas list this year?

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