Celebrating St. Nicholas Day

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How to Celebrate St. Nicholas Day with Momadvice.com


This month I will be sharing some of our family’s favorite holiday traditions with you, some gorgeous shoe options for outfitting your entire family, and some refreshing new ideas for personalizing gift cards for this holiday season.

To kick things off, I wanted to show you a fun idea to bookmark for next year.

This year our family started a new tradition to celebrate St Nicholas Day which is observed in the states on December 6th.

Have you heard of St Nicholas Day? It is actually something I heard about recently from my friends and I thought it would be a sweet tradition this year to share with my kids.


How to Celebrate St. Nicholas Day with Momadvice.com


What Is St. Nicholas Day?

St. Nicholas Day is a popular holiday for children, especially children in many parts of Europe, because it is another day of sharing gifts.

What kid doesn’t love that?

In fact, in some European countries, St. Nicholas is celebrated with not only gift-giving, but it is so special that it is celebrated through parades and festivals too.

This holiday celebrating him is derived from Nicholas of Myra who officiated as a bishop in 4th century Greece.

During his lifetime he was known, in particular, for his gift-giving.

They say that he slipped coins in other people’s shoes, which accounts for many of today’s Christmas traditions that involve leaving gifts in shoes or boots today.

How to Celebrate St. Nicholas Day with Momadvice.com

The Simplest of Treats

The presents need not be grand, but are simple gestures that build up that sweet anticipation for Christmas.

Gifts like chocolates, chocolate coins, nuts, cookies, small trinket gifts, apples and oranges are just a few sweet treats that are perfect for tucking in your shoes on December 5th.

When I think of things to tuck in our shoes it reminds me of the cozy nights I spent reading with my daughter about how Christmas was celebrated in the Little House in the Big Woods.

As Laura described her thrill over a peppermint stick and a small cake made with real sugar, I remember my daughter’s wide eyes that these small offerings were the only presents they received for their Christmas.

Can you imagine anything that small feeling magical for our kids today?

It’s that nostalgia of sweet treats that is so perfectly captured through this tradition and why I wanted to share it with my two.

Less electronics and more magic, I say!

We are displaying our treats in two beautiful shoe options from Shoe Carnival.

In Indiana, it is all about cozy footwear and these are two great selections that I found for the holiday season that would be great options to wrap under your Christmas tree this year.

How to Celebrate St. Nicholas Day with Momadvice.com

The first option is the Tommy Hilfiger Charlie Duck Boots that I found for my son.

We have outgrown the days of little kid’s boots after an enormous growth spurt this year and now my son & husband can share shoes.

Duck Boots have become my new obsession because they can be worn in the Fall, Winter, & Spring making them a really great option for keeping your feet warm & dry for several seasons unlike boots that are just dedicated to snow.

I consider them to be a wise investment!

I have a pair for myself and my daughter has a beautiful pair too.

They are stylish and practical which is why I am recommending this option this Winter.

How to Celebrate St. Nicholas Day with Momadvice.com

The second pair is actually one that we featured here this summer for myself and fell in love with.

I discovered that they make Lil’ Bobs for kids with the same supportive memory foam sole that I love for my own feet.

It’s like walking on a cloud and I wish everyone could feel that way!

This trendy Bobs Pure Flex gives a nod to our pink obsession with the stripe detail on the sole, but reflects her big girl status in the print.

If my daughter is anything like me, these will be doubling for slippers because they are so darn comfortable.

You just can’t go wrong with this option and the modern prints available are beautiful and on trend.


How to Celebrate St. Nicholas Day with Momadvice.com

I hope that this tradition inspires you for next Christmas season and I hope these shoe options help you when selecting shoes for your kids!

 Happy Holidays!

*This post was sponsored by Shoe Carnival.  Thank you for supporting the companies that support this site!


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