Camp Cheesecake

It has been several days since my last entry, but I have a pretty good excuse this time…really! My husband has had the last couple of days off and so we have been tackling a few of those lovely homeowner projects that have been pushed off until we had “free time.” Any parent knows that this will never happen so that is why my poor hubby had to use his “vacation” to “work.” It is nice to get a few of these things accomplished though.

Today Ryan shared with me that he read about the recently released list of people who made the Forbes billionaire list. Among them was a 21 year-old guy (unbelievable) and the amazing Martha Stewart. Apparently, her status has actually risen since her recent time in jail. Her business is thriving, her stocks have increased in value, she has landed a reality television series, she has won Emmy’s for her and all of her friends, and she lost weight too. Basically, if you hated her before, you will certainly hate her now because she is even more desired after her brief (but lovely) hiatus in jail.

After giving this a lot of thought, I have decided that I would like to go to jail. I have not discovered the perfect crime yet, but I do know that I want it to be something stupid and/or minor that would result in everyone feeling sorry for me so that would leave out any biggies like murder or drugs.

Once I have received my just punishment (by the way, I want my jail to be called Camp Cheesecake, okey-dokey?), I expect that Mom Advice will take off like CRAZY! People will be calling me to set me up with a new show, I will have like forty people come and visit my site, my ranking on Google will sky-rocket to the 2 billion ranking, and I will get one of those cool mom site flashing banners on my homepage. In other words, I will ROCK! It will be an exciting year for Mom Advice and it will all be just because I shoplifted my twenty-nine cent mac & cheese from Aldi’s Supermarket.

I will also let you all say that you knew me before I became so famous and successful, however, autographs will have to be denied due to my extreme popularity.

So enjoy all the freebies that Mom Advice has to offer you because there are no guarantees after my career takes off and I land myself a starring role as inmate number 9387539857.

And just think…you can all say, “I knew her when….”

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