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I just got my first issue of Budget Living Magazine so I can learn about more ways to save money. I saved even more money by getting this subscription for free as I do almost all of my subscriptions. If I cannot acquire the magazine for free through that company, I trade with my girlfriends or I hit the library and read them there.

I read my first issue of this magazine and poured over the magazine for hours. I marked pages and shared articles with my hubby. It really is a great magazine if you are trying to save money. Unfortunately, it also makes me want to SPEND money in order to get all of those fantastic deals that I now feel like I missing out on. I suddenly need every product in there and it is as cheap as heck anyway so why not? This very reason is why I can no longer go to a drugstore. I am a self-proclaimed drugstore junkie and I would go there to get my fix. Two dollar lipsticks, five dollar mascaras, the latest shampoo, the newest razor, and anything else that strikes my fancy would get thrown into my cart. My “great deal” adds up to a gazillion dollars and I have tons of stuff to prove it.

When I began staying home, I realized that
1) No one cares about what I look like anymore except for me.
2) We have zero money in our budget for my weekly hit of my drugstore fix

The moral is, even if it is cheap and even if it is the best deal ever- it might be better if you didn’t buy it.

The tips I did get out of Budget Living this month were:
– Use your extra mouse pads as trivets in your kitchen (this is where my husband said, “What is a trivet?” If you are not into cooking, a trivet is a hot pad.)
– Cut the magnets out of the bottom of your old shower curtains to be used as refrigerator magnets.
Steal It Back is where you can go online to score some deals on police auction items like electronics, diamonds, and designer goodies.

I highly recommend the magazine and they have a fantastic forum as well!! Visit their forum and don’t forget to swing by our forum as well! Our forum is soooo much cooler….seriously.

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