Boutique Workouts At Home (FREE Printable Fitness Tracker)

Boutique Workouts At Home (FREE Printable Fitness Tracker) from

This post was created in partnership with CycleCast. Thank you for supporting the companies that support our site! 

Many partnerships happen organically on the site and today’s post with CycleCast happened because I became a legit fan, sent them fan mail, and then they suggested partnering together to share about their app.

Last year, after a health diagnosis, my doctor advised no more pounding on my joints and switching to a lower impact cardio routine.

For most people, they might have been like, AWESOME, I don’t have to do that anymore!

For me, I wept.

I loved going to my cardio dance class, I loved the friendships I had made, and I loved the music so very much. I also really needed that endorphin rush that comes from a challenging cardio routine and I needed interesting music to keep me going.

My yoga studio membership has been great for building strength, but I had lost a lot of my cardio motivation. Rather than getting another gym membership (OUCH on the wallet!), I decided to research apps and a stationary bike to do my workouts at home.

When I found CycleCast, it changed my whole outlook on my new limitations.

Boutique Workouts At Home (FREE Printable Fitness Tracker) from

CycleCast offers spinning workouts tailored to your time limits and your favorite styles of music. You can select a class if you have 20, 45, or 60 minutes and then select a coach with your favorite music style.

The volume controls for the coaching and the music are separate (I will tell you more why I love that later) so you can clearly hear your coach as they offer helpful tips throughout your routine. You are guided through a warm up, a challenging workout (in and out of the saddle), and a guided cool down. The coaches also remind you throughout about your posture, hand placement, and when to take in some water.

Basically, it is like having a coach RIGHT THERE who pushes and encourages you throughout the entire workout.

Boutique Workouts At Home (FREE Printable Fitness Tracker) from

I’m obsessed with music and easily bored. I don’t have time to make a brand new playlist each time I workout, but this app does it for you! The music is KILLER and are such fun mixes that I often forget how hard I’m working.

Jonathan, my coach, doesn’t know me, but I LOVE HIM.

He has been a big encourager to me and the music is always incredible. I have never been disappointed in his guidance or the music.

Maybe your limitations have looked different than mine or maybe your challenges are different.

Are you intimidated to join a gym this year or struggling with your weight and don’t have the confidence to do it?

Are your kiddos still small and you can’t afford a membership and childcare?

Do you want to go, but there always seems to be a hurdle (sick kids, forgotten papers, appointments, working, etc..)?

I get it. I have these same things in my life.

Boutique Workouts At Home (FREE Printable Fitness Tracker) from

Maybe you love this idea, but you don’t have a bike! No worries! These are cheaper than you might think.

I found, this foldable bike  and it takes up a teeny amount of room and paid for itself in just a couple of months compared to the gym membership I had been eyeing. I then used their Ride Guide to help get my bike set up and to learn to position myself better in it.

I just put the app on my iPad or iPhone and I tuck it on the table next to me, using my wireless headphones for listening and to muffle my loud breathing.

Yup, I’m one of those.

This app costs $9.99 a month, but they give you a free 30-day trial to start. I started with the 30-day trial and fell in love with the workouts I got. How much are the classes at your gym? Probably a minimum of $10 each! I can’t believe you can do a whole month of classes for $10 through this app!

On average, I have been burning about 500 calories per 45 minute workout. I feel really good about that and I love that this is a low-impact way for me to build strength again.

Boutique Workouts At Home (FREE Printable Fitness Tracker) from

CycleCast has really given me a lot of my confidence back that I have been missing. I love being able to workout anytime I want and I love the coaching pushes me to work a little harder on my fitness goals.

Here is another secret that I must share….I use the app to KILL IT on my chores around the house. Thanks to the coaching volume being adjustable, I can silence my coach and just listen to the killer music that’s been mixed for these classes. I have used this to mow my lawn, shuttle my children, do my laundry, and clean my house.

I am not sure that’s what CycleCast had in mind, but I love it!

Boutique Workouts At Home (FREE Printable Fitness Tracker) from

To encourage you to reach your goals this year, we have a beautiful printable fitness tracker to help you set your goals for working out and hydration!  We hope this offers the encouragement you need to get back in the saddle and work on those fitness goals.

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A huge thank you to CycleCast for partnering with me AND giving me a chance to get back to a solid cardio routine.

This post was created in partnership with CycleCast. Thank you for supporting the companies that support our site! 

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