Book Gang Podcast Episode 37: Fool Me Once: An Interview with Ashley Winstead

Fool Me Once An Interview With Ashley Winstead

Not everyone can say they published two books during the pandemic, but Ashley Winstead can. Today we discuss her romance debut Fool Me Once and how Winstead hopes to break the mold with her romance characters. 

This week we continue our conversations with writers in our Summer Author Interview series. After our incredible kickoff with Jenny Pentland’s memoir (episode 34), we move into lighter fiction waters with Fool Me Once, written by Ashley Winstead. 

I felt compelled to reach out to Ashley to hear about her surprising journey to full-time writing during the pandemic and what it was about this time that yielded such a fruitful creative time for her career. She shares how her previous job (as a communications director working in public policy) shaped the plot line for Lee Stone and the kickoff to her new romance series.

I also want to know what it looks like to compartmentalize work when you write in two genres. For example, Ashley alternates writing thrillers (like In My Dreams I Hold a Knife and the soon-to-be-released The Last Housewife) and romance – two VERY different worlds. 

Are there two Ashleys? We need answers!

She speaks with surprising vulnerability about the challenges in the romance industry and with great confidence about the kind of success she plans to achieve with her writing. Don’t miss this episode.

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Get to Know Ashley:

Ashley Winstead holds a Ph.D. in contemporary American literature from Southern Methodist University and a B.A. in English and Art History from Vanderbilt University. She lives in Houston with her husband, where she drinks red wine and dreams up novels.

Book Gang Podcast Episode 37: Fool Me Once: An Interview with Ashley Winstead

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