Blog? What Blog?

Well, I have discovered that I am about as good at blogging as I am at journaling and keeping up with baby books….I fear that my children are going to be disappointed someday when they see that mom has never written a single thing down for them to remember me by or themselves in their youth. Hopefully, I will be a brilliant storyteller when I am around so that I can make up for my lack of the written word.

Luckily, I am a little bit better about keeping up with our website. My husband has been frantically working at putting together a whole new look and feel for our site and I am super excited about it. Don’t get me wrong, the current design is outstanding too, but the new look is going to be a good move for us. I am hoping that the new site will be more user-friendly and we will continue to feed you guys with the same information that we were offering before. I will no longer be writing on the topic of organizing though because, these days, I am not in the organizing mode….I am in survival mode. Anyone with an infant and a toddler knows what I am talking about…I just can’t explore the topic of organization when I am sitting in a disaster zone. I will leave the organizing section to people who can write about it honestly, and I will concentrate on the easier stuff like money & food.

With all these changes in mind, I have decided that my blog needs a new shift in purpose. Despite the fact that I am hilarious (in person) and can talk people’s ears off with my stories, I just don’t have the time to keep up with typing them all out. My typing time consists of two minutes here and there, which are better spent writing things that support the site. My typing is also now done with one hand (Emily in the other) and consists of simple mouse clicks right now.

A better fit for me will be to share ways that I save money and what is on my dinner table. If I decide to share a story….well, then you know I had a good day with the kids (or a seriously bad one and I am using the writing as my therapy).

Truly, much of my day is spent finding and trying recipes for my menu planners, and putting together our dinners. Another part of my day is doing research on how to save our family more money and keep me home. Then the rest of my day is just the day-to-day grind of paying bills, laundry, and (barely) keeping up.

Hopefully you will enjoy the shift in the blog and I am hoping it inspires some of you to try some new things for your dinner table. I am constantly researching and trying new dishes and it will be fun for me to report my experiments to you all.

I am also a bargain hunter and try to be as thrifty as I can be (with the occasional bad idea of running to Target for just one thing) so I will get to share with you the ways that I save our family some dough.

In the meantime, keep an eye out on our site…May 1st is our goal for our relaunch. Thank you to all of you who inspire me and share with me- without you, I would not have anything to write about! Cheers!

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